Monday, August 24, 2015

Cooper's first day of Kindergarten

It finally came. My boy's first day of school.

We were told to drop him off at 9:30 instead of 9 in order to avoid the other kids and the traffic. Of course, when we pulled up at 9:20 we saw kids streaming out of the school. We ended up standing in front of the school by the staff for ten minutes for what we thought was a weirdly timed fire drill, but it wasn't on purpose. One of the alarms went off somehow. So the fire truck came, cleared the scene, and we went in.

We dropped Cooper off, took our pictures, shook our heads at Penny running around the hallways and classroom, and said goodbye.

Val was feeling awful during all of this, I should note. She was been sick for two weeks with a sinus cold, and that morning was among the worst she's felt. So after dropping Cooper off, we dropped off Val at the doctor. She got an antibiotic shot.

Penny didn't seem to mind Cooper being gone all day. She got to sit in my lap and watch Octonauts, then go to Toys r Us where she got a new Octonauts figure, so she was happy.

I picked up Cooper in the lengthy car line at 4. I got there at 3:40 and was only about the 50th car in line. Within five minutes there were another 50 behind me, stretched far into the neighborhood where the school is. (It's in a subdivision, not on a main road.) But at 3:55 the kids started getting dismissed, so within five minutes I was picking him up. We all have assigned numbers for our cars and someone came to write down what order we were in, so by the time I got there the kids were already spaced out perfectly where we would pull up, and Cooper hopped in.

He told me how much fun he had and how much stuff he got to do. His favorite part was the computer lab. He's been looking forward to that, I think, since the Disney cruise last fall when the Oceaneers Club had a computer lab for him to play games.

Cooper has 19 kids in his class, and yesterday he was with three other boys. Interestingly, two of the boys in his class are named Knox.

Other than that he told me that they went out to the playground, did crafts, and he enjoyed going to the cafeteria to eat lunch. We figured we'd pack his lunch, but apparently he wants us to get one of the prepaid cards the school offers so he can buy his own drink and treats, so I guess we'll be doing that as well.

His teacher is Mrs. Baker (I keep calling her that. I can't make myself call her Jill. I figure if Cooper calls her that I might as well be consistent.) She's nice, and Val says she's pretty laid back, or at least she was last night during the parent-teacher meeting to go over the curriculum. Val sat in for that while I played with the kids in the hallways and playgrounds.

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