Thursday, February 28, 2013

Penny and Cooper's proud Daddy

One of my favorite parts of the day!

Oh dear, how are we supposed to protect this girl?!

Feel the love!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Let's get physical, physical

A few weeks ago Darling Valerie and I decided to do something about our extra weight beyond good talking points. What I mean, of course, is that Val looks awesome and just as thin as the day we got married so she's only doing this to indulge me because, hey, it couldn't hurt to eat a few extra veggies, right? (Save!)

The first week I dropped ten pounds, so my body was properly shocked into realizing the fat cells are going to get kicked out of their comfortable homes in every nook and cranny of my person.

Two days before we started I weighed myself at the highest I've ever been, which means this couldn't come at a better time!

Thanks to Darling Valerie's push, we joined the ATC Fitness a couple of miles from our house. ATC stands for "Around the Clock," so I started going dark and early every morning before work. Every night before bed I get my gym bag ready so that when my phone alarm wakes me up at 1:33 a.m. I put on my sweats, grab the bag, grab my food for work from the fridge and head out. After about 30-40 minutes of cardio and strength training I take a shower there and head to work by 3:30 like usual.

Waking up earlier than usual isn't a big deal since I'm used to being tired, and what better way to get over it than go exercise and get some endorphins coursing through my increasingly hot bod?

My routine so far is to glide for 30 minutes on the eliptical on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, then 15 minutes on Tuesdays and Thursdays followed by 20 minutes of strength training. There is a row of the machines that covers most of the major muscles so I don't have to explore the strangest machines in the back of the room.

My favorite by far is the leg curl because it has two handles on top, making me feel like a Spaceship Captain Jeff flying through space zapping evil aliens.

And yes, I make the "pyew! pyew!" sound while on it.

Working out is easy. Eating right? Not as much. I am rather addicted to fast food and all the bad stuff I can get from the drive thru, not to mention peanut M&Ms from the vending machine at work.

I am peachy with eating nothing but chicken and vegetables, but any variant can throw me off. I'm not good about actually counting the calories so to start I'm just kind of figuring that if I eat well enough and workout that the weight will come off.

I also really need to cut down on the amount of soft drinks. I was downing five or six a day, one because they are awesome, and two for the caffeine!

Portion size is the most important part of this because some days we're going to eat my mom-in-law's cooking on Wednesdays and I cannot resist. I like to eat a lot of food, so I have to make sure that all of it is low-calorie. Some days if I eat enough of a big meal I can skip lunch and not care. One good thing about having little kids is that I am so focused on making sure they eat their dinner that I don't care what I'm eating or how much there is. It especially helps when we eat out, because I won't be tempted to splurge if I know I won't enjoy the meal anyway.

Start date - 2/11/13
Start weight - 396
Weight last week - 386
Weight this week, Feb. 25 - 383
Weight loss this week - 3
Weight loss since Start - 3
Ultimate Goal - 225

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Cooper at the train museum

Saturday we went downtown to the Train Museum for the second birthday party for Connor, and Cooper just had a blast. So many model trains to "ooh" and "aah" at, including a Thomas exhibit where he spent most of his time, and then after we all went and rode the trolley for his first time!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Penny and Cooper at Mammaw's

Penny loves to climb into things and play peekaboo ...

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Penny and Cooper at Mammaw Margie's

First, at Val's parents' home, Penny just loves getting into stuff ...

Cooper helps Granddaddy collect sticks. He is such a good helper!

Penny tries, too ...

Friday, February 08, 2013

Jeff reviews The Bourne Legacy

This weekend Val and I popped The Bourne Legacy into our DVD player, but we didn't watch it for the two hours and 14 minutes that it is supposed to run. Shortly after the one-hour mark we skipped ahead to the final 20 minutes.

As a huge fan of the original Bourne trilogy I was severely disappointed in this Matt Damon-less addition.

The first half is a mishmash of audience confusion, and by "audience" I mean "me and Val sitting on the couch ocassionally saying 'what is going on?' and trying to convince ourselves that it would get better any minute."

It takes forever to get to the stuff we want, which is Jeremy Renner, a.k.a. Not Bourne, and Rachel Weisz on the run, fighting for their lives and Renner kicking butt.

Renner, though, spends the first hour wrestling wolves in Alaska while Ed Norton talks technical and political mumbo jumbo jargon that is completely unnecessary when compared to the importance of our hero driving fast, shooting straight and beating the snot out of a guy using a mitten and an unsharpened pencil.

Events take place as the same time as The Bourne Ultimatum, which just reminds us that Damon's movie is a lot better and we should be watching it instead.

It's really not the fault of either Renner or Weisz. They do just fine, what with Renner having to be angry while shouting "what about the chems!" over and over again, and Weisz is great at pushing out tears and the worry face while running through Third World streets.

And if they star in another Bourne, I would give it another try now that the characters have been fleshed out. To the producers, though, I just ask that you ramp up the action and keep down the confusing mumbo jumbo, mmkay?

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Cooper and Penny's Super Bowl XLVII Sunday

We went over to Val's parents' for the first half of the game. Val's sister, Cheryl, did the cooking and Cody and Katie came over and lots of fun for the kiddies was had ...

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Random Thoughts

Forgot to post this one from a few weeks ago ...

- I saw a lot of doom and gloom among my Romney-supporting friends and family in the hours after Obama’s win in November. It’s OK, folks. Just make your own little world the best it can be, love others, pray without ceasing, work to change the culture and work on the national picture from the bottom up.

- In my adolescence I would watch the same movies dozens of times and never tire of them, usually as background viewing while reading, doing homework, etc. The two that wore out the VCR most in the late 80s were “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” and “The Hunt for Red October.” I am reminded by this as I watch the same Monster Jam shows on the Speed Network over and over and over again with my three-year-old boy, Cooper.

- When it’s time to show Cooper “Star Wars,” I will not forgive anyone if they show it to him before I can, and especially if they start with Episodes 1-3. Understood? This is unforgivable!

- I’m not watching “Wheel of Fortune” anymore until they bring back the ceramic Dalmatian to buy with your winnings.

- Our precious one-year-old daughter Penny has to be the most determined baby ever. It’s like restraining a giant squirmy bunny rabbit when she’s making an effort to get to Cooper’s sippy cup or a box of tissues.

- Speaking of tissues, I can’t really punish her when she yanks 20 out of the box, right? I mean, it’s just that I’ve forgotten the joy of pulling them out one-by-one.

- I don’t understand the purpose for having sticker bushes, especially at a business. Why not just string barbed wire around the building, too?

- Cooper is such a little chatterbox and just wants to keep the conversation going. The other day in the car he said “I have a question for you, Daddy,” and when I said to go ahead, he thought about it for a minute and never came up with one. But he did remind me what we did “yesterday,” which was something a month ago.

- Would adults who advocate giving teenagers condoms and saying, “Wear this and you’ll be fine” also give teens a six-pack of beer with a breathalyzer, a happy pat on the back and advice to “drink responsibly?”

- If people who use walkers always cut holes in tennis balls to put them on the front legs, why doesn’t a manufacturer just make walkers with the balls already on the front legs?

- Does it make me a lazy father that when putting together Penny’s Playtex Vent-Aire (Advanced!) bottles, I make almost zero effort to match the colors of the bottom to the top pieces?

- Some days as a parent you feel like Kirk, other days like Spock, but then there are the rest where you feel like the doomed guy wearing a red shirt on an away mission.

Friday, February 01, 2013

Cooper and Penny's bubbles

Enjoying the nice weather with bubbles!