Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Happy 4th birthday, Cooper!

Cooper turned 4 years old Monday, and he couldn't be more delightful. I wrote a post for Penny's birthday, so here are some of the ways Cooper makes our days brighter:

- His bedtime routine is one of my favorite times of the day, and not just because it means we get to sleep soon afterward. Once we have his pajamas on he eats his snacks (fruit snacks and a small piece of Hershey's chocolate) and we watch a show together. (Right now it's PAW Patrol on Nick.) During the show he won't sit still, crawling all over my lap and legs and knocking stuff off the table.

When the show is done and I tell him that it's time to go to bed he gets excited and walks over to Val as they say, "Sack of potatoes!" That means Val picks him up on her side like a big sack of potatoes, carries him into his bedroom and slings him on the bed. So cute. It's going to be weird when he's bigger than she is in 8 years.

Once in bed, Cooper has to get back out to look out his window and see which house's lights are on along the street, then go to the bathroom. When he comes back it is time to lay on the bed to say prayers and sing songs. Cooper doesn't exactly sit still for prayers, usually he's rolling around or messing with his stuffed animals. We sing, in order, "Jesus Loves Me," "Jesus Loves the Little Children" and "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star," and he make sure we sing them in order and all the way through! Except, nowadays we always substitute "me" for "Cooper," "children" for "Cooper" and "star" for "Cooper," as he giggles every time.

When he asks us to do something and we either don't do it because it's a bad idea, or we take our time he'll say, "Can you do this now? You forgot!"

Then we tuck him in and close his door just the right way lest he get frustrated, even though he'll go in and out of the bathroom five more times and come into our room with some excuse to get us to tuck him back in. If we're in our room with the lights out he'll give up, content that we're actually going to bed, too. After I go to work, sometimes during the night he will climb into bed with Val.

- Watching Cooper and Penny play together warms the cockles of our hearts, as they laugh and run and jump and roughhouse from room to room. Cooper even called Penny his best friend the other day, which is just so sweet.

- He always, always wants to play outside. When we go out front he'll take his scooter, as will Penny. By the time me and Penny have made it to the driveway he's already sped down our hill and made his way halfway around the cove. When we're out back he has such a good time on the swingset, swinging on the swing on his belly like Superman.

- We love watching him play with other kids. Cooper is not a leader, so if he can find some kids who will play with him he will follow them around doing the same things, yelling the same things and just laugh and feel part of the cool crowd. That's why he so enjoys playing with older kids, because they are like the cruise ship directors who organize playtime and give him ideas for new games.

- He really likes going to school and looks forward to it every Tuesday and Thursday. When we tuck him in the night before and tell him to get lots of sleep for school he says, "I'm going to school tomorrow?!"

- He has really picked up how to work the Kindle Fire very well and can find his games and watch videos, especially videos of Thomas the Train to the song of "Accidents will Happen." Once he watches those and he has plenty of ideas, Cooper will get out his trains to re-enact what he saw in the video.

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