Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Penny is 2 today!

Happy Birthday to our Precious Penelope!

I would say that Penny is now hitting the "terrible twos," but we've been going through it for at least six months already!

What we really need is to have her second birthday party tonight, and then tomorrow go ahead and have the third one, too, like in the very funny animated show Dinosaurs.

However, I think we all know that the Terrible Twos don't mean she's going to be a terror from age 2 to age 3. No, it means it takes two years!

We haven't reached the "Linda Blair in The Exorcist" stage, though there is a lot of terror, chills and spills!

But today isn't a day to think about how she drives us crazy. As much as I joke about Penny being high maintenance, there are so many things about her for which I'm thankful:

- Her big radiant smile and loud contagious laugh.

- Her fearlessness, how she'll jump on you, knowing you'll catch her, and climbing on everything, and at least trying to eat most anything at least once.

- The hilarious looks she makes, especially when she's doing something she's not sure if she should or not, turning her head to see how we are reacting.

- That when I go get her out of her crib after waking up, she has to grab all four of the bears she sleeps with and carry them in the living room with us.

- Sitting in my chair with her as she eats snacks and we watch one of her shows together.

- When she grabs a piece of clothing for you to put on her so she can unleash her inner fashion diva.

- How she sucks down any drink so long as it's through a straw.

- Whatever language she's speaking, how she jibber-jabbers like an Ewok and she's so earnest in trying to tell you what she wants you to know.

- Even though we can't understand her, she understands us, and if you ask her to do something she goes and does it.

- How she dances when Katy Perry's "Firework" song comes on during Madagascar.

- Her joy as she splashes in the tub and plays under the running faucet, so happy to get soaked and soak others.

- She and Cooper when they roughhouse and chase each other around the house, giggling.

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