Friday, June 28, 2013

2013 Chickasaw Vacation Wrap-up

Last week we spent our annual week at Chickasaw State Park up near Henderson.

As always, we had a great time with Val's family (Glenn, Carol, her sister Cheryl, nephew Cody and his wife Katie, and brother Ken and his girlfriend Yuan came up for the weekend).

It's easier to break it down with a list, so here are the Top 5 Things About Our 2013 Chickasaw Vacation

1. Cooper and Penny love to swim - All but one day we went down to the lake to swim and let the kids play in the sand. The kiddies took to the water like baby seals, paddling around wearing their army floaties and trying to refuse assistance, especially when we would hold them to keep from tiring out.

2. Rest, relax, repeat - Time in the water meant that the kids took good naps in the afternoons, and we either napped or went into Henderson to use the free Wi-Fi for the Kindle Fire at Jack's Restaurant. This was a good time to enjoy their selection of Blue Bell ice cream milkshakes, of course.

3. Good eatin' - Every morning Val's mom made a big meaty breakfast of awesomeness, with plenty of bacon, sausage, biscuits, fried ham, eggs and pancakes. For dinners we hopped around, from Mexican to a new place in town called Greens, Beans and Taters (that took over the spot we used to eat at called Arnold's). A couple of nights Val and I would go eat first while her family watched the kiddies, then a few nights I watched Penny while everyone else went out. Trying to take Penny to a restaurant is a disaster and I end up walking around with her outside so everyone else can eat, and then Val's mom scarfs down her food to take over so I can eat. Even then Penny is such a handful it's just not worth it.

4. Games - I fit in one game of Scrabble, but Val and her fam were able to indulge in plenty of card games like pinochle and cribbage. Cooper enjoyed that one, too, since he got to move the pegs.

5. Playtime - We tried to take the kids down to the park's playground as much as we could, when it wasn't 95 degrees and blazingly sunny. The kids enjoyed it no matter the weather.

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