Friday, April 05, 2013

Working out to keep up with the intake

I didn't even bother weighing in Monday morning, and I'm afraid it will be the same next Monday! Oy.

Last weekend my in-laws watched both kids for us Friday night and most of Saturday, so we splurged. A lot.

I've been back at the gym every day before work as usual, but I really need to be focusing on learning how to be anorexic or bulemic this week.

Wednesday night my in-laws watched the kids again while Val and I went out a night early for her birthday, so we enjoyed steak, appetizer and dessert at Longhorn Steakhouse.

This weekend? Hopefully more self-control!


Cheryl Belew said...

I try to weigh myself on fridays, I've had better results that way. Don't give up, your doing great. It's not easy and you only live once, so you have to have some enjoyment. Cheryl

Amy Christopher said...

All right friend, one meal at a time. Im back on WW and did the gym twice this week. We can do this. Once meal, one snack at a time. Keep blogging. We will hold you accountable

Jeff said...

Cheryl, Val is a proponent of weighing in on Fridays, too. I think that's a better idea, frankly, because it gives me four or five good days to drill myself into shape.

Amy, good job on getting back on WW and going to the gym. I know you can fight this, too!