Monday, March 04, 2013

Up is not good!

Boo, me!

OK, so maybe I was a little too generous with my portions last week, and sure, getting the beef 'n cheddar sandwich with a large fries at Arby's Saturday looks bad in retrospect, but gain a pound? Sheesh.

Note to self: Just because you go to the gym all week doesn't necessarily guarantee the weight will fall off.

This week I'm going to write down a food diary and try to keep up with calories as much as possible to see where I need to snip away calories.

This morning I started with a longer than usual workout courtesy of Cooper waking up crying at 1 a.m. Once I tried to calm him down I went ahead and drove to the gym where I did 45 minutes on the E. It makes it easier to pass the time by reading while exercising; the time flies by!

I'm not discouraged, just need to make sure I'm going to do this right.

Start date - 2/11/13
Start weight - 396
Weight last week - 383
Weight this week, March 4 - 384
Weight loss this week - +1
Weight loss since Start - 12
Ultimate Goal - 225


Scott Rushing said...
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Scott Rushing said...

Now that I have created a habit of exercise, its the dieting that makes weight loss so difficult. Eating healthy is more expensive, and requires much more of a time commitment. And its not nearly as convenient. Hence, why they call it "fast food".

Jeff said...

Yeah, fast to your hips!