Thursday, March 14, 2013

Two down this week

Monday's weigh-in wasn't too bad. I was down a little under two pounds.

I worked out all five mornings before work, but looking back at my food diary for the week, it's no wonder. Things like "chicken and stuffing" and "Mexican with cheese dip" pop out, if deliciously.

I consumed 300 calories just thinking about all the stuff I wanted.

Start date - 2/11/13
Start weight - 396
Weight last week - 384
Weight this week, March 11 - 382
Weight loss this week - 2
Weight loss since Start - 14
Ultimate Goal - 225

When I'm ready to get my calories in order and can start cutting 250-500 more a day I'll really be able to shed the pounds. I just can't let down on the workouts or I will allow myself to get lazified, to coin a word.

For most of my workouts I stick to the eliptical machine, usually about 30 minutes worth. Two days a week I'll shorten that to 15 or 20 minutes and then do 20 minutes on the various strength training machines for all the various pulldowns, presses, etc.

I've tried the stairclimber once. That lasted a minute and a half. It says I burned 22 calories, but I think when you're near death there should be more.


Scott Rushing said...

I hate the stairmaster. Evil.

Jeff said...

If I make it to five minutes it'll mean I'm in shape and 100 pounds lighter!