Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Random Thoughts

Forgot to post this one from a few weeks ago ...

- I saw a lot of doom and gloom among my Romney-supporting friends and family in the hours after Obama’s win in November. It’s OK, folks. Just make your own little world the best it can be, love others, pray without ceasing, work to change the culture and work on the national picture from the bottom up.

- In my adolescence I would watch the same movies dozens of times and never tire of them, usually as background viewing while reading, doing homework, etc. The two that wore out the VCR most in the late 80s were “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” and “The Hunt for Red October.” I am reminded by this as I watch the same Monster Jam shows on the Speed Network over and over and over again with my three-year-old boy, Cooper.

- When it’s time to show Cooper “Star Wars,” I will not forgive anyone if they show it to him before I can, and especially if they start with Episodes 1-3. Understood? This is unforgivable!

- I’m not watching “Wheel of Fortune” anymore until they bring back the ceramic Dalmatian to buy with your winnings.

- Our precious one-year-old daughter Penny has to be the most determined baby ever. It’s like restraining a giant squirmy bunny rabbit when she’s making an effort to get to Cooper’s sippy cup or a box of tissues.

- Speaking of tissues, I can’t really punish her when she yanks 20 out of the box, right? I mean, it’s just that I’ve forgotten the joy of pulling them out one-by-one.

- I don’t understand the purpose for having sticker bushes, especially at a business. Why not just string barbed wire around the building, too?

- Cooper is such a little chatterbox and just wants to keep the conversation going. The other day in the car he said “I have a question for you, Daddy,” and when I said to go ahead, he thought about it for a minute and never came up with one. But he did remind me what we did “yesterday,” which was something a month ago.

- Would adults who advocate giving teenagers condoms and saying, “Wear this and you’ll be fine” also give teens a six-pack of beer with a breathalyzer, a happy pat on the back and advice to “drink responsibly?”

- If people who use walkers always cut holes in tennis balls to put them on the front legs, why doesn’t a manufacturer just make walkers with the balls already on the front legs?

- Does it make me a lazy father that when putting together Penny’s Playtex Vent-Aire (Advanced!) bottles, I make almost zero effort to match the colors of the bottom to the top pieces?

- Some days as a parent you feel like Kirk, other days like Spock, but then there are the rest where you feel like the doomed guy wearing a red shirt on an away mission.


Scott Rushing said...

What if Uncle Scott shows him Star Wars first? Is that forgiveable?

I'm reminded of the maxim: It's better to ask forgiveness than permission.

Jeff said...

That would be more forgivable, if only because I know you'd avoid Episodes 1, 2 and 3!