Thursday, November 22, 2012

What I'm Thankful For In 2012

- My wife and two children, the most important things in my world.

- That anyone reads my scribbles on, and those who have said they enjoy what I write.

- The cute scoot that Penny does to get around, putting one hand on the ground and pushing herself sideways with the other hand free to hold something or grab and go.

- All of Cooper's trains, monster trucks, cars and the toys that make him happy.

- Folks on Facebook who don't jump on me for any attempt at humor.

- When me and Cooper take a nap together, he snuggles with his little Pooh bear and white "lovie," and puts the blue one in my hand to hold.

- Any little time Val and I have to snuggle together on the couch or in bed, watch a show and chit-chat.

- Sleep. Glorious sleep.

- That the Red Sox won the World Series in '04 and '07, so I didn't have that sense of complete panic during their awful season.

- Children - usually wearing nothing but a diaper - who meet me at the door when I come home after work.

- All the good folks in our Sunday School class, and how much everyone thanks me for putting together an extensive weekly newsletter.

- Batteries, batteries, and more batteries.

- Carry-out meals from Mezcal restaurant.

- Watching Cooper's new favorite show every month, three times a day, buying lots of toys for it, and then he finds something else.

- Podcasts online to download from my favorite preachers around the country.

- My in-laws for watching both kids so Val and I can eat dinner alone and/or go to the store.

- Penny's hard head that protects her fearlessness, throwing herself at whatever she wants wtih reckless abandon.

- The way Val tries to suggest ways to get me more sleep every week, even though she knows I'll never abandon her with the kids in the afternoon or evening.

- Funny web videos, especially those involving animals and babies.

- Family and friends, for their continued love and support and understanding that Val and I are out of touch, selfish and a little out of sorts for the next three to 20 years!

- The good Lord for all of our blessings, forgiving me of my sins and assuring me of a place in glory when all this is said and done in the next, oh, 80 years.

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