Monday, October 01, 2012

One Big Year

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When I say: Our precious Penelope just turned 1 year old!

You automatically reply: "Has it been a year already?!"

Yes indeedy, it has! You know what they say, time flies when you're wiping up poop that has smeared up the baby's back.

This is where Darling Valerie interjects and says, "Um, yeah, you mean the one time a week you change a non-pee diaper?"

Touche, Sweetheart!

You know the old saying, the best way to make God laugh is tell Him your plans. That certainly applied last year.

Penny's due date was Oct. 27 and she was born Sept. 25, just a wee bit early.

Born at 4 pounds, 14 ounces, she wasn't too little, but because she wasn't sure about that whole breathing while eating thing she had to stay in the NICU for ten days. (I don't typically breathe with a mouthful of Doritos, either, but doctors aren't worried about me.)

Here's where the timing became fun. Almost two months before Penny was born I developed a massive owie in my neck. By the time it was diagnosed as a bulging disk and surgery was scheduled, the doc cut into me on Sept. 20.

Yep, five days before Penny was born.

I was told it would take six weeks of recovery, during which I shouldn't carry anything over 10 pounds. No worries, right? Even if Penny was a couple of weeks early we figured I would have time to recover.

So much for doctor's orders. When DV told me her water broke, I was slinging 30 pounds of luggage from the top of the closet and ready to carry her the two miles to the hospital, including a stop at Burger King for a sausage croissan'wich.

When we took her home she still hadn't reached five pounds. But, as you know, the car seat weighs approximately 100 pounds.

Back home, there was more work to do because I'm a serial procrastinator.

Ya know, Noah hadn't even seen rain when God told him to build a ginormous ark, so it's really no excuse that in the months before Penny was born that we didn't finish her room, with all the pinks and Pinterest projects. (I'll take the blame for that, because it wasn't for wont of DV trying to get if finished.)

Evangelist Ron Hutchcraft offers reassurance to the big surprise: "God uses these out-of-control times. He uses them to blow His children right where they were supposed to go all along. I know it feels like your life is out of control, but you know what? You're really right on course."

Being really, really, really unprepared, we can't repay all the generosity we received, the blessings of family and friends who helped, and all who cooked us food when we brought Penny home from the hospital.

No, really, we can't repay you, so stop with the late night phone calls and emails written in all caps.

A year later Penny is plump, healthy and perfectly adorable, with the sweetest and most contagious smile since, well, our mini Cooper (I know, I'm very biased).

It even brings me joy to come home and find her she crying on the floor at the front door until I pick her up to say hello. It's nice to be missed!

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