Monday, October 29, 2012

Jeff reviews his 2012 MLB Predictions

Before the season I offered a caveat that I didn't pay much attention to Spring Training, so my predictions would probably stink. Oh yes, they did. I didn't pay much attention to the season, either, once it became clear that the Red Sox were awful, and then we dropped ESPN from our cable package, so at least I didn't have to watch the Sox swoon.

AL EAST - Tampa Bay. Actual: Dang Yankees.

AL CENTRAL - Detroit. Actual: Detroit. Got one!

AL WEST - Texas. Actual: Oakland. Seriously? When did Moneyball come back?

AL WILD CARDS - L.A. and Yankees. Actual: Baltimore and Texas. The Orioles? What? Where? When? How?

NL EAST - Philadelphia. Actual: Washington. Yowzers. Didn't see the Phillies collapse coming.

NL CENTRAL - Milwaukee. Actual: Cincinnati. I don't like Reds manager Dusty Baker at all, so I try to pretend they're not any good every year.

NL WEST - Arizona. Actual: San Francisco. OK, so the Giants' pitching was good again.

NL WILD CARDS - Miami and San Francisco. Actual: Atlanta and St. Louis. The Cards always find a way. Miami was so bad that they fired Ozzie Guillen as manager after one year.

WORLD SERIES - Texas over Philadelphia. Actual: San Fran over Detroit. Wouldn't have gotten this in 100 predictions.

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