Thursday, June 30, 2011

Cooper in Jackson, pt. 2

Cellphone pictures from Red Robin ... Cooper and Erica had a good ol' time with the games and their balloons:

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cooper in Jackson, pt. 1

Saturday we drove up and met the Jackson Gang for lunch at Red Robin and dessert at Maggie Moo's, and Cooper had a good old time:

The good thing about being 20 months old is, who cares if the game is out of order?

Say hey, guys!

Mmm, Erica sure is enjoying some pizza!

Monday, June 27, 2011

It's a girl!

The ultrasound a couple of weeks ago when we found out we are having a girl, Penelope Rose! Also in attendance: Val's Mom and Cooper, and everyone was very excited. The sniffling in the background is Val crying for joy at the thought of having a daughter.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Cooper's plunger

For some reason, Cooper likes the plunger. Yes, it has been cleaned.

He also likes for his scooter to tag along everywhere, including taking off the middle cushion of the couch to watch Elmo with Daddy.

Cooper also likes to play in the fridge, including taking out the crisper drawer and playing with it.

And Cooper really, really likes popsicles!

Friday, June 24, 2011


Just some stuff I posted on either Facebook or in my Sunday School class newsletter:
- Did some guy really just hit me up for "gas money" at the Wolfchase Chick-fil-A? (After I waved him off with a stern look of "Don't you dare confront me like this with my wife and child next to me," he left and walked off towards Walgreens and Macaroni Grill, so I guess he was okay walking after all. Plus, he knew that I would tell management.)
- Ok, seriously, how are there not any cards for "Granddaddy," but there are tons for "Grandpa?"
- With my allergies, I know that if I rub my itchy eye I'll end up with five minutes of stinging and blindness, and yet I do it.
- Is there any way for a guy to stand around in the bra section while his wife tries on stuff without looking awkward?
- Have you ever noticed that after a few days of being sick, moping and sniffling and laying on the couch with your mouth agape and tongue sticking out in exhaustion after merely standing up for three seconds, that you forget what "normal" life was like? Oh, to be like I was one week ago, how good was that? Remember how the sunlight feels on your face? Are you crazy?! There are germs out there, and they're coming for you!!!!!

Cooper's new pool, er, newest pool

A few weeks ago we bought Cooper a small pool to play in this summer. But since it was plastic, the sides crumpled too easily and it was tough to keep clean.

So this week we bought him one of those $25 inflatable, 10-foot long, six-foot wide pools that should be a hoot for at least, what, two months? There's certainly plenty of room for our mini Cooper to roam (under our supervision, of course):

We have so much to look forward to

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cooper and the girls

He had a good time when Maleah, Joanna and Olivia came to town last month!

He had better get used to this in another four months!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Civil War Era-Memories

The latest bits of history from The Commercial Appeal's "Civil War-Era Memories from The Memphis Daily Appeal":
May 30, 1861

Call to private ladies -- the Washington Rifles would feel sincerely grateful to all ladies who would be kind enough to come forward and assist them in making their uniforms.

May 31, 1861

The Execution Today -- At one o'clock today the two negroes, Moses and Isaac, found guilty of murder, are to be executed in the field on the Raleigh road, this side the fair grounds. The prisoners will leave the jail about noon, escorted by Capt. Jackson's company of Bluff City Guards and the Italian company of Garibaldi Guards, which companies will preserve order at the place of execution, forming a cordon around the gallows. . . This is the first legal execution that ever took place in this city. . . .

June 4, 1861

City Almoner's report -- The city Almoner, Mr. Underwood, in his report to Council last night, stated that he commenced his duties on the 25th of May with a donation from the city of 500 pounds of bacon and four barrels of flour. From that time to June 4 he had distributed relief to seventy-eight families, eight of which were families of soldiers on duty left in a state of destitution.

June 5, 1861

It is becoming apparent that if the war continues for long Memphis will become an important place of manufacture of such articles of war as cannon. Quinby & Robinson have just cast a beautiful brass cannon, a six-pounder, five feet and six inches long.

June 6, 1861

Accounts presented to the City Council yesterday revealed that some of the city officials have furnished themselves with whips, silver pencil cases, gold pens, pocket knives and stationery, all of which were charged to the taxpayers.

Memphis as the Southern Capital. There are now six southern cities that aspire to the honor of becoming the permanent capital of the Confederate States -- Montgomery, Richmond, Memphis, Nashville, Huntsville and Atlanta.... we deem the claims of Memphis inferior to none.

June 7, 1861

Memphis will soon be in war trim. The bluff between Court and Adams has been lined with bales of cotton and the work will continue until the entire bluff is so fortified. Each of the streets, with the exception of Madison and Jefferson, is also to be barricaded with the bales. Construction of these defenses has been entrusted by General Pillow to E.M. Apperson and John Martin.

The first day that the cars ran on the new city railroad in New Orleans, they killed a negro boy, crushed a white man's foot, broke a mule's leg, and ran off the track several times.

June 12, 1861

Good for Shelby! Shelby county has certainly acted well her part in the political drama of last Saturday. She gives only five Lincoln votes out of an aggregate of 7,137!

(Tennessee becomes the 11th and final state to separate from the Union, but the vote to secede is not a sweep: 69% vs. 31%. West Tennessee votes heavily in favor, East Tennessee votes firmly against. Middle Tennessee, which voted down secession by 51% in February, elects to separate by 88% in June.)

June 16, 1861

Raleigh Mineral Springs! The Springs have been placed in fine condition, and are now offered to the public as a balm for many of the ills to which flesh is heir. A partial analysis of the waters shows the presence, in happy proportions, of Iron, Magnesia, Sulphur, Alumina, Sodium, etc., all admirably adapted for the relief of persons afflicted with derangements of the bowels and stomach, as well as affections of the skin. These Springs are different from any heretofore known in this vicinity, being discovered last summer on the north-west, and in the town of Raleigh, Shelby County, Tennessee. A beautiful Pavilion adorns the ground, and a splendid Tenpin Alley affords healthful amusement to the visitors. P. M. Stanley, having refitted and put the Raleigh Hotel in good repair, is now ready to accommodate all who may seek health or desire a pleasant sojourn in a country village.

Charges reasonable.

June 19, 1861

The Confederate flag was formally raised on the State Capitol at Nashville yesterday.

Change in routine

I'm working the evening shift this week, going in from 2 to 10:30, so our schedules are a little wacky. Our mini Cooper seems to be hot and cold on the change in routine. He certainly likes me being there to play in the morning, but Monday he wasn't entirely happy when he woke up from his nap and I wasn't there. But the time I am there in the morning, we've been busy, busy, busy.

This morning I woke up before 9 (Cooper and Val had been up since 7, of course - he's still an early bird). We went out back to play by the golf course, since it's closed through August for improvements. Cooper enjoyed playing in the sand trap along the fairway. Who needs a sand box?!

Afterward, we played in his pool for a while, all three of us enjoying a cloudy, breezy day, a fantastically comfortable day well below 90 degrees for the first time since we went to the zoo before Memorial Day. Next we all went to Target, where Cooper rides in the basket part of the cart, then to McDonald's for lunch.

Then back home, Val took a nap while Cooper and I played, and our tired toddler conked out for his nap at 1 o'clock and I came to work.

I feel like I've had a full day, and then still had to go work a full shift!

Cooper goes muddin'

Monday, June 20, 2011

Jeff's Top 5: Americana Restaurants

If you have a foreign visitor, where can you take them to eat that just screams "I am in the U.S.!"
1. McDonald's - Yes, it's in every country plus at least two planets (according to callers to overnight radio), but until you've had the gut-bustingly delicious food actually in America, it doesn't count.
2. Cracker Barrel - Good Southern eats, kitschy decor, shopping for unnecessary yet addictive knick-knacks, and they get to brag about how they did in the peg game.
3. Golden Corral - You can't come here and not indulge in a ginormous buffet with multiple plates stacked with food that says, "Yes, we have everything in abundance, and we love it!"
4. Olive Garden - Italian, American style! Yeah, the snobs like to make fun of it, but you know what? The normal American can't get enough.
5. Longhorn Steakhouse - Nothing says that we're a big, wealthy country (motto: Go Big Or Go Home) like many giant chunks of meat for a reasonable price!

Cooper and Daddy's Father's Day

Eating popsicles, reading an Elmo book, watching the U.S. Open. A good day.

Meanwhile, here is how things went at his Mammaw and Granddaddy's house this weekend:

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Cooper at Uncle Ken's, pt. 3

Big strong toddler! (I'm pretty sure he was holding up his scooter as an offering to Toodles: The God Of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.)

Malia keeps her bird over there, and Cooper thought it was super cool.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Cooper at Uncle Ken's, pt. 2

We took Nana's air mattress over there for an extra bed, and Cooper had a blast when I would slam down on one side and he'd fly up on the other!

May not be too much longer and Cooper's feet will catch up with his Mommy's!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Cooper at Uncle Ken's, pt. 1

Cooper had a good old time at his Uncle Ken's house a couple of weeks ago when our A/C was out. Life in exile meant plenty of time watching Elmo in HD, zooming his scooter on the hardwood flooring and playing with his speed racer on the glass coffee table. He liked it so much (and Mom's) that we went out to the Salvation Army store and bought him his own coffee table last weekend!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

We're having a daughter!

Here's the first ultrasound photo of our baby!

Sorry for the blurriness; I need to get a better shot of it than the one I took on the cellphone Friday during Val's doctor visit.

In case you didn't see on Facebook, Val and I have had a name picked out for a girl for three years now: Penelope Rose. We're very, very excited to have Penny joining our family, and hopefully Cooper will come to accept his little sister, too. :)