Saturday, April 30, 2011

Wrong guy reviewing Pooh movie

When it comes to reviewing the new "Winnie the Pooh" movie, the term "highfalutin'" should not come into play when it comes to the critic watching it. And yet, the guy from the Hollywood Reporter would appear to rather be watching an independent flick in black-and-white with subtitles and dark themes:

So definitive are the soft, simple, pastel evocations of the English countryside in E.H. Shepard's original Pooh illustrations that revisionist versions would be unthinkable. Directors Stephen J. Anderson and Don Hall (director and a writer, respectively, on "Meet the Robinsons") do nothing to rock the boat, delivering rich, beautifully rendered visual backdrops for the mild antics of the familiar characters.

And familiar they are, for anyone who's been on the planet for more than four or five years. On renewed acquaintance, Pooh's obsessive search for bottomless amounts of honey and Eeyore's distress over having lost his tail possess limited resonance, as do the repetitive cutesy misspellings that dot the landscape.

Unlike some other characters from children's literature and cartoons, Milne's sweet and docile creations seem like little more than stuffed animals given voice and of genuine appeal only to humans still attached to the likes of teddy bears and other cuddly sleepytime companions.
As James Lileks says, "But really: if you’re using the phrase “limited resonance” about a Pooh movie, and noting that the paradigmatic visual style-boat remains unrocked, well, you may be too far removed from the days when you either enjoyed Pooh with your children or enjoyed it yourself."

Friday, April 29, 2011

Cooper, Daddy, Mommy and little sister/brother-to-be

Royal Wedding

Stealing my posts on Facebook from this morning ...
Yes, I'm watching the Royal Wedding at 5 a.m., but then again I'm at work and our news is being pre-empted, so it's okay, right?
Hey, I'm a white anglo-saxon protestant, so I enjoy this stuff, the pageantry of it all. No shame.
It's cool to think that 11 years ago when I was in the UK that I was visiting Westminster Abbey. An awesome place.
Oh dear, they're sitting now? I thought this wedding seemed fast. If they have to sit in chairs, this could go on for a while. is a lovely dress. And William has a bald spot on the top of his head, too, so I feel rather royal right now.
Upstairs in the break room, CBS was on and Katie Couric kept running her yap, so I turned it back to Fox News where the anchors were blissfully quiet during the ceremony.
So when William and Kate disappeared into a back room for 15 minutes there, what was everyone saying was happening, and keep it clean!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Cooper's Easter Egg Hunts - Burk Birthdays part 1

Last Saturday night we went to Glenn and Stephanie's for the quadri-annual Burk Birthdays (my Mom-in-law's side of the family), into which we also incorporated an Easter egg hunt:

Friday, April 22, 2011

Cooper's Easter Egg Hunts - Bartlett part 2

Our boy had a good time hunting eggs!

Cooper's a big fan of Bailey, daughter of Val's cousin Destiny:

Monday, April 18, 2011

Why do I get cravings, too?

So, here's the big secret! Ta da!

This is the 8-week ultrasound photo, but we went to the 12-week appointment last Friday. All is well, so we are confident enough to let everyone know the good news!

The due date is Oct. 27, which is one day before Cooper's 2nd birthday and our 5th anniversary. We are certainly masters of timing!

This would also explain why I've been making so many excuses about my diet for the past few months. You know, using such wording as "celebratory" for dinners at Outback. The party needs to be over, though, soon, because I can't put all this weight back and still feel good come late October when Baby Valfrey No. 2 is born!


Starting weight (July 12) - 387
Last weigh-in (March 21) - 347
Current weight (April 18) - 355
Lost last week - +8
Total lost - 32
15% target - 329
Ultimate goal – 225

Plastic Eggs ... Everywhere!

This weekend Cooper had three Easter Egg Hunts, and that's only because Cooper skipped the one at church that would have made it four. Our living room is a plastic egg massacre, with halves littering the floor, under the couch, on the tables, and probably in the fridge, toilet and water heater. I haven't checked yet.
Saturday morning we started at Bartlett Park, where it was cold and windy, and plenty busy with kiddies and parents armed with baskets, cameras, jackets and strollers. There were several areas marked off by age groups, with Cooper's being 0-3.
Our Mini Cooper did pretty well once he could walk around and get to hunt the eggs. He would grab 'em, shake them and put them in the basket. I took pictures while Val walked along with him.
I admit, things got a little competitive in that ring. Whenever an older kid would run over and grab and egg that Cooper was about to get, it was all we could do to give the kid a wedgie or trip him up and send their basket flying.
Afterward we went to Cracker Barrel with Val's cousin Destiny (who was in town from Colorado) and her daughter, Bailey, and many various family members. Cooper was perfectly happy running around outside the restaurant, but so long as he got to play with his Hot Wheels he was fine at the table, too.
After we went home for naps, Saturday at 5 we went to Val's uncle Glenn's for my mother-in-law's big family quadri-annual get-together. In addition to cooking out, we held an egg hunt for the kiddies. Again, Cooper had a good old time gathering eggs, although after about five minutes he gets tired of the collecting and wants to start popping them open to see what's inside. He doesn't care about the candy, either, so we gave that to the older kids.
Cooper just likes to take the eggs apart and get us to put them back together again, so he can take them apart, and have us put them together again, so he can take them apart .. you get the idea.  
Sunday after church about 20 of us went to Old Timer's for lunch, then to Val's grandmother's home to enjoy great weather outdoors and hold yet another Easter egg hunt.
I will have pictures when I can. Hopefully sooner than later. But there are a lot, and work is busy this week, so be patient!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Cooper, Katie and Cody

A fine looking threesome:

He just wants to play with his scooter outside, why are we so mean?!