Sunday, October 03, 2010

"Need you now," air!

Friday night was supposed to be a road trip for me and Val to Jonesboro to see Lady Antebellum play at Arkansas State University. Well, you know, best intentions and all that.

First, we hit a major traffic jam heading into downtown. I knew that the new bridge was down to one lane, but our traffic reporter *cough*HEATHER!!!*cough* promised me that it hadn't been too badly backed up in the afternoon rush hour.

At 4:45 we hit the backup on I-40 before the Chelsea exit, and stopped-and-started for a half-hour. Then, a guy passing me on the left told me to roll down my window, and informed me that my front left tire was low.

This would be one of those HOLY CRAP WE'RE IN TROUBLE shocks. I made my way to the right lane and thankfully we were just a few hundred feet from the Danny Thomas exit (still not even within view of the bridge, traffic was so backed up). There, I found a parking lot to get out and look at the tire, which, yep, was nearly completely flat.

Thanfully I had an old can of fix-a-flat to use, but that only seals it, it doesn't pump it up. For that, I went to an Exxon that didn't have working air, then to a BP machine that also turned out to be broken (after putting in my 75 cents - at every place I had to go in and get change). Finally we limped to Union Ave. and drove a few blocks to find another BP directly across from Sun Studio that did have air at the pump.

I have a spare, but it's tough to get off and a hassle to change, so the idea of putting it on and going to Jonesboro was out. Instead I filled up the tire and decided we'd take the non-interstate road back towards home and call it a night, because even if we borrowed Val's parents' car we wouldn't get through that traffic and the 90-mile drive until way too late.

So the tire survived down Poplar, Walnut Grove and Germantown Parkway, and we met her parents and Cooper at our local Mexican restaurant for dinner. It was already 6:30 by this point. So when we got home, Val's parents played with Cooper and Val and I took a breather and promised each other that we'd go see Lady A next time, no matter what!

Oh, and Saturday morning when I went out in the garage, the tire was completely flat. Glad it got me back home, at least.

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