Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cooper's Florida Vacation, Day 2


With the rigors of travel behind us, it was time to rest, relax, and any other synonym that means "didn't want to do a danged thang." So we headed to the pool, of course.

Dad's subdivision has a clubhouse with a pool within walking distance, so our mini Cooper happily rode in his stroller for a dip with his Daddy and Granddaddy while his Mommy happily laid out in the sun to catch a few rays. Meanwhile, back home it had dipped into the high 30s the night before. I'm not gloating, I'm just pointing out the glories of an autumnal visit to South Florida.

I also needed some pool therapy, since I wrenched my back when bowling back in September and even worse while walking 100 gates to our plane the day before. It was so bad that I could barely get out of bed, and all week I would push Cooper's stroller while hunched over as if it was a walker. An exhaustive supply of medicines didn't help a lick, nor did sleeping on the couch with the recliner kicked up, although taking a long hot bath in Dad's big tub did loosen my back up a tad. At least, enough to go out or play with Cooper.

Let me tell you, Cooper and his Granddaddy did some fun bonding on this trip. Cooper loved the house, a big open floor plan, uncluttered and full of soft carpet outside the kitchen and TV room, lots and lots of stuff to pull himself up on. While we'd enjoy Dad's HDTV, Cooper would circle the house, playing with a ball or any of ten water bottles scattered throughout. Dad just glowed as Cooper would follow him around. That made his whole week.

During our vacation at Chickasaw in July we had Cooper in our room with us, so we had to tiptoe at night. Dad's co-worker, Lilly, let us borrow her pack 'n play for this trip, so we put it in another guest bedroom. That way, Cooper could crash in one room, we could sleep in another, and no one had to tiptoe around. He slept fine, too, pretty much the same as his normal sleep schedule, down by 8, up by 6. For mealtime Lilly let us borrow her booster chair, too, so you can pretty much guess that we're big, big fans of Lilly.

For dinner we went to my one request for the week: The Cheesecake Factory. We became addicted to this mecca of dessert and ultra-large portions while living in Atlanta, and have bemoaned the lack of such a glorious restaurant in Memphis. We all won. Val got her chocolatey chocolate chocolate cheesecake, and I had a plate the size of a football end zone filled with shrimp and steak and potatoes and pixie dust full of goodness.


erin said...

I've wondered many times why Memphis doesn't have a Cheesecake Factory, but I suppose it's probably for the best.

The Chipped Mug said...

I had a great comment with this one but I thought it may be a little offensive to others. But laugh anyway for my benefit.

Jeff said...

Erin, you're probably right. After all, I have enough trouble avoiding Outback, let alone Cheesecake Factory, too!

Will, no worries bud, you know you can let loose here!

Sara511 said...

Ive never heard of cheesecake factory now Im a little bummed that Im missing out. I love cheesecake!

Valerie said...

Oh Sara, you have missed out my friend. The menu is a spiral booklet. The cheesecake choices are couple pages worth.

When you go to St. Louis, you should try it.