Saturday, September 25, 2010

Survivor: Crazy Town

Is everyone a little nutso in this season's Survivor? We finally got around to watching Wednesday's episode, and have a few observations:

So Sash, who says he's half-white/black, wants to form a an alliance of minorities, but also they all hate the disabled girl and want her off because she'd get the sympathy vote.

The older folks are smart, let Coach Jimmy be a coach and lead you to victory!

We're not sure who we can root for at this point, but we know this: If Naonka makes the top 10, we may not watch anymore.

The tribal council was great. I love it when it explodes, and the younger tribe is so full of idiots that Jeff didn't even have to probe.

So Holly is cuckoo, taking one guy's shoes, filling them with sand and putting them in the water because she thought he was making fun of her (so was everyone else). And yet, with Jimmy Johnson's help, she was redeemed by the end of the episode?

Naonka, meanwhile, is way too full of attitude. Taking Fabio's socks because she lost hers? Really? People act like this?

Hey Shannon, bud, you might want to stop talking now. You were already headed downhill, but that "are you gay?" comment pretty much solidified you as one of the biggest tools in Survivor history.


amy said...

yeah that episode was CRAZY..I have watched a lot of survivor but that one takes the cake..Oh may be pretty on the eyes but you should not have opened your mouth

Jeff said...

We actually knew that Shannon would get the boot, because it was on Wednesday night for the last five minutes when we got home from church. Yet, when watching the episode, until the last 15 minutes we couldn't figure out why Shannon would go. I didn't even know who he was to differentiate him from the other boxer-brief models until the 40 minute mark!