Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sinners and Comets

The paper gets a little fire-and-brimstone towards the townsfolk in this Memphis Memories from Sept. 15, 1885:
The churches were all well attended Sunday -- a sure sign that the summer wanderers are coming home full of repentance for all the sins they committed while away from home.

This one's a little more recent. I remember when I was ten years old, going outside with binoculars and looking up at Halley's Comet, how it comes around every 75 years, how long that seemed at the time. Hopefully I'll be around in 50 more years to see it again in 2061. This is from Sept. 16, 1985:
Early one morning in 1910, Myron Clark's mother got her young son out of bed, took him to the front porch of their Crockett County, Tenn., home and showed him "that big star up yonder with a tail on it." "I remember this," says Clark, "that my mother told me at the time 'If you're a good boy and live a good life, you might get to see it again.'" Clark is 83 now and looking forward to his second meeting with Halley's comet. Clark is one of more than 70 senior citizens in the Memphis area planning to attend this week's "Two-Timer's Preview" at the Memphis Pink Palace Museum Planetarium. They'll be treated to the planetarium's new show, "A Comet Called Halley," which will later open to the rest of the public. Most of those attending the preview are at least 80 years old.
Note: The comet didn't actually appear to the eyes on Earth until 1986.

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