Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Our Cooper Duper is 11 months old today!

Just one more month and our baby will be one year old. Can you believe it?!

Here's an update on how he's doing nowadays ...

Nap times - We generally have him on a two-nap schedule during weekdays. Not sure about weekends. We've instituted a strict What Happens At Mammaw's Stays At Mammaw's rule. Sometimes he'll sleep an hour, other times, such as Sunday afternoons when he hasn't slept much at church, he'll go longer. Other times, if we really want to make sure he only takes two naps so as not to be up until 9 or 10, he'll wake up after 30-45 minutes and we'll put him in our arms for another little while.

Walks - Now that the weather has cooled, Val and Cooper enjoy some morning walks around the block, and now that it's equally cool at night, all three of us do the same after dinner. He likes it when we're out of the cove and on the two-lane road with more traffic, to watch the cars.

Play time - Our boy just does not want to stay in one place longer than 1.5 seconds. He will go through all 10 toys on the ground in the living room, walk around his play table banging on it then turning it over then trying to turn it back over, try to climb up on Mommy and/or Daddy, then skedaddle for the area behind the couch, the kitchen or the dining room. If he's in the latter, at least I can still see him as he pulls himself up on the chairs under the table. If he's in the kitchen, well, that's where bad stuff is, so best to follow him. If things get quiet, time to check on him. If he's a little cranky, now that it's cooler I like to take him outside when I get home from work and give Val a break. We'll sit in the chairs on the patio and watch the golfers play by. And for those who cursed me for buying loud toys for your kids, pfft! Bring it on! I like his loud toys!

Feeding time - Breakfast is a version of Gerber's oatmeal cups and some Cheerios or Puffs. Maybe a snack of yogurt, then lunch with one of those Gerber jars of meaty stuff, especially sweet potatoes with turkey and apples with chicken, plus a veggie or fruit. At dinner we'll give him another meat combo and a veggie or fruit, plus some of our food. From Sunday lunches at Old Timer's after church, he really likes carrots and field peas. We're working on sweet peas, potatoes, pasta and chicken. The "experts" always say to give him something 20 times to get used to it, so we do in the hopes that he'll eventually eat more than a few bites before giving us the Scrunchy Face Of Dislike and turns away from the spoon.

Sleep time - When he's tired, Cooper gets very giggly and it's hilarious, which is probably his sneaky way of staying up later, because my boy is like me, he wants to stay up and not miss anything. Once he's downed a bottle, when I try to calm him down to get in a sleep state he instead gets squirmy. After a few minutes I'll take him to his dark nursery, rock him for a few minutes and sing to him, and when he's still squirmy I'll just put him in the crib and most of the time he goes right to sleep. If only he'd sleep longer, alas. Cooper will always be up by 6:30, and sometimes 5:30 or earlier.

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