Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Monday's TV is back!

The fall season has returned, and now we can finally settle in from a summer of fun and frivolity outdoors when it was 98 degrees, and sit in front of the warm glow of the television while it's ... well, still 98 degrees outside, but without humidity!
HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER - So now we're supposed to wait for some mysterious wedding for Ted to meet Future Mother? Val's guess is that it's Barney and Robin's, since they were all cute last night and we didn't see them in the flash-forward at the wedding. Wouldn't surprise me, but I if they do get back together it's a lot less boring than last time.
DANCING WITH THE STARS - I skipped last season, what with all Kate drama, but this season I'm going to give it a shot again, since it's just a pleasant show to have on in the background while Val and I play with Cooper, try (and try again) to get him sleepy, then settle in with some ice cream before we crash at 8:59 and 45 seconds so Val can sleep and I listen to the Monday Night Football game on the radio in bed.
Here's how they rank so far:
Brandy - Wow, a singer who shakes her groove thing on stage regularly can dance? Shock! I am shocked! It's like this has never happened on the show before!
Jennifer Grey - Sweet how she broke down when remembering dancing with the late Patrick Swayze when Derek played a song from "Dirty Dancing."
Kyle Massey - Disney star I've never heard of, though the judges were smitten immediately by his positive attitude and sassy moves.
Audrina Patridge - You know her as the empty personality on "The Hills." No, the other one. No, the other one. No, the other one. Having fun here, at least, and not a bad dancer for her first go-round.
Kurt Warner - Future NFL Hall of Fame QB will have to deal with his outspoken and dominating wife a lot more than his partner.
Rick Fox - If you can get over the fact that the former NBAer is well over a foot taller than partner Cheryl, they move well together.
The Situation - Sure, it's easy to dismiss a "Jersey Shore" star, but from other things I've seen, he actually has potential for being a funny guy.
The Hoff - Not exactly Hoff-some, though it may not matter so long as German-Americans vote en masse.
Michael Bolton - His dance partner lowered expectations about how he slouches on stage and doesn't move, and he met them.
Bristol Palin - Too shy, too awkward, and will only be saved so long as women vote for her partner, Mark.
Mrs. Brady - Typical post-menopausal woman dancer, a little bit of grace, some humor, tries real hard but can never be that good.
Margaret Cho - I never found her funny, so her act will get old quickly.
Sure to be in the finals? Brandy, Grey, maybe Fox?
Still to watch from Monday's programming: The Event, Hawaii Five-O and Castle, the former of which will be replayed Saturday night, while the latter two wait patiently on the DVR.

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