Thursday, September 09, 2010

Jeff's NFL predictions 2010

I trust everyone is ready for a hard-hitting football season, which combines some of my favorite things: Watching grown men beat each other senseless, yelling at the TV and cooler weather. Good times.

It also means that it's time for my annual NFL Predictions, which should not be used for gambling purposes, if that weren't a big fat sin, you Sinny McBacksliders:

AFC EAST - NY Jets, Miami, New England, Buffalo

AFC SOUTH - Indianapolis, Tennessee, Houston, Jacksonville

AFC NORTH- Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Cleveland

AFC WEST - San Diego, Oakland, Denver, Kansas City

WILD CARDS - Tennessee & Pittsburgh

AFC CHAMPIONSHIP - Indianapolis over Baltimore

NFC EAST - Dallas, NY Giants, Philadelphia, Washington

NFC SOUTH - New Orleans, Atlanta, Carolina, Tampa Bay

NFC NORTH- Green Bay, Minnesota, Chicago, Detroit

NFC WEST - San Francisco, St. Louis, Seattle, Arizona

WILD CARDS - Minnesota & Atlanta

NFC CHAMPIONSHIP - New Orleans over Green Bay

SUPER BOWL - Saints beat Colts. Again. I know, I'm so boring. I'm disappointed in myself. But it would still be an entertaining game.


Rann said...

My comments:
Dolphins defensive backs will mean they will no finish second.
I think Cincy is going to have a better year than Pitts or Baltimore;
Giants ahead of Dallas; Indy wins it all.

Jeff said...

Heck, if not for the Dolphins tough schedule I almost picked them to win the East!

JorgeR said...

Dolphins have a BRUTAL first month of the season....Saints still look good...

Jeff said...

The thing with the Dolphins sked is, they HAVE to beat the dregs to have a shot at the playoffs, and steal one or two against the likes of New England, or at Minnesota next weekend. Good thing is, they have Pitt and Tenn at home.

Scott Rushing said...

AFC East: Patriots
South: Colts
North: Ravens
West: Chargers
Wild Cards: Titans, Texans

NFC East: Giants
South: Saints
North: Packers
West: 49ers
Wild Cards: Cowboys, Vikings

Super Bowl: Ravens vs. Packers

I hate myself for that prediction. Die Ravens die!

Jeff said...

I almost picked the Ravens to make the Super Bowl, too. They just seem to have the tools to make it, especially a hard-nosed defense and a capable offense that makes few mistakes.