Monday, September 06, 2010

I'm just sayin' is all

- SOUNDS LIKE A NAILBITER. Memphis Memories for Aug. 8, 1885:
The Terrace Garden was crowded yesterday when the baseball game in progress at Nashville between the Rock City team and Memphis was received by telegraph and announced, feature by feature, the score being marked up on the blackboard. It was the next thing to seeing a game and will doubtless take well here as the baseball fever seems to rage without abatement.

- I can safely say that I have not changed my vote at the last minute just because you bunched up five campaign signs on the same corner.

Moreover, I have never decided to buy a car based on the number of balloons hanging around a dealership.

- Sportscasters keep saying that athletes are over the hill when they hit 35 years old. Hey, I'm only 34, I've got a lot of years left to make it as a pro something, anything! I'm not old!

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