Tuesday, September 28, 2010

DWTS Top 11

This could be a tough year. I don't actively dislike any of the contestants, so I can't root, root, root against anyone with vigor. Here's how I ranked them Monday night:
Jennifer & Derek - She's 50? Holy moly. Val: "She has great legs" for this. I'd say. I have no idea why the judges scored them all 8s, either. That should have been a winning routine, what all others last night were judged against, and lower. And yet, others had 8s as well. Hmph.
Also, before you start to believe what you hear in the media and entertainment blogs, the audience was booing the judges for their low scores on this performance and not Sarah Palin's upcoming sit-down with Tom, as some are claiming in an effort to make my girl Sarah look bad.
Audrina & Tony - When Bruno told her after the dance that "You're not a show pony, you're Secretariat," did anyone else picture her thinking, "He thinks I'm a secretary? I'd be a terrible secretary!" But who knew she was a pretty good dancer!
Rick & Cheryl - She can make anyone look good, even a guy who is too tall to jive and has a bad foot.
Kyle & Lacey - Fun and peppy, although we have yet to see him try to slow it down and take the lead. The judges criticize his technique a lot but don't score it as such, which means Kyle will be this season's recipient of the "No matter what he does he gets scores inflated" award.
Margaret & Louis - Without the idiocy of the comedic attempt last week, Margaret can do the steps and with some practice should be fairly decent.
Bristol & Mark - Very deliberate, see her thinking from step to step with a lack of personality. The judges were much more positive, though. Do you think Mark felt queasy having to meet the Palins in Wasilla?
Brandy & Maks - Last week's best, this week she looked uncoordinated and weak in the jive, and the hip-hoppy stuff looked like a reach to cover it up.
Kurt & Anna - Great. My favorite two pros, Anna and Chelsie, have sub-par dancers and won't make it far. Drat! Arizona Cardinals fans are surely hoping he'll get voted out soon and decide to go back to quarterbacking their team.
The Situation & Karina - We've got a bad situation. If he won't stop with the GTL and start with the PRACTICE, he's headed back to visit Snooki in rehab.
Mrs. Brady & Corky - I like Corky, but I don't want him treating her like she's Cloris Leachman. Enough with the hijinks and make her graceful, Corky!
Bolton & Chelsie - The judges really want the crooner gone. Maybe Bruno was rooting for Kenny G instead, because he gave Michael a 3. Ouch. Harsh. It would be a shame, though, to lose Chelsie so early.

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