Saturday, September 25, 2010

Cooper's formula

Wednesday night we found out that our Similac (bought at Wal-Mart the 11th) was part of a very sizable formula recall. Unfortunately Cooper had already had eaten through one of the tubs, and was halfway through the next.

After church I immediately drove to Kroger for a new can. With Val on the phone, we checked the lot numbers against the online info that told us what was good and what was bad. Many of the Similac cartons were recalled, and I eagerly informed the manager on duty of this fact. Not really expecting her to issue a warning bell over the loudspeaker so guys can slide down fire poles to remove the offending formula, I was still a little surprised how little she seemed to care. See, Kroger hadn't emailed her yet, so what was she supposed to do about it?

Saturday morning I received an automated call from Kroger, who could tell from our value cards that we buy formula from there frequently, helpfully telling us about the recall. Thanks for the swift movement, Kroger. Do you think the manager even noticed the next day that the formula was missing? Probably not.

Meanwhile, back home ...

Sure, he could play with the table like normal infants, but Cooper likes to think outside the box. Such as, what would the table be like if he turned it upside down?

He's also discovered that he can reach the TV. Thankfully he hasn't also realized that pushing that round button turns it on and off. It's inevitable, I know:

He likes to sit in Daddy's lap while Daddy's on the computer, although he really just wants the keyboard. To chew on, I'm guessing, not to post on Facebook.

Cooper's a big fan of both Daddy's big shoes and his stroller, during his explorations of whatever's within reach in the house:

Cooper does this adorable thing with us, where when we stick out our tongue he'll do it, too, and spittle. And if we nod our heads and say "Yes," he'll shake his head back and forth. Even if he can't see us and he hears us say "Yes," he'll still do it! Uh-oh, he's already getting stubborn!

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