Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Cooper's busy Saturday

With the beautiful weather on Saturday, Val and I planned a big fun day for our mini Cooper, some of which went great, some of which ... not as much. In the morning we went to the park for a walk, which was good, but it was too sunny for our boy's big blue eyes, which was bad.

Back home, we set up a water pad that Val's mom bought for him, which surely will be great, but by this time he was hungry and doesn't want his Daddy farther than two feet away, which is awesome but not so much when he cries about it. He took a nice long nap, which is good, then we went to Nana's for dinner and to show her how he's pulling up now, and then watched the Tigers get nailed by Miss'ippi State, which was bad. In the end, everybody slept well.

He really wanted her watch to chew on. Hey, his Grandaddy (Val's Dad) lets him have his!


Rann said...

what's with the wild hair do?

Jeff said...

That's all natural! We brush it down when he takes a bath, but it takes about five minutes to fluff back up. It's adorable!