Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Tuesday Tidbits

- THE RED SOX IN THIRD PLACE, EXPLAINED: Heading into tonight's win, Boston was 14-14 against the Indians, Orioles, Royals, and Mariners, the bottom four teams in the league. The Yankees are 23-8 against those teams, the Rays 21-7.

- WE RULE. Speaking of the Sox, Forbes named Boston fans the best in the country. Which, I think, just means that Red Sox fans are more likely to live and die on every pitch by John Lackey this season, which has been mostly die, unfortunately. Did I mention that Youkilis just went on the DL, and a little piece of my soul went into limbo?

- YUMMY IN MY TUMMY. I recently rediscovered my favorite cold treat from childhood, orange sherbet. Of course, back then I called it "sherbert," as I suspect most did. I even feel like a dorky elitist a-hole whenever I call it "sherbet" now.

- ROSA PARKS, EAT YOUR HEART OUT. Memphis Memories from August 3, 1885:
A Negro woman yesterday took possession of the easy chair which Sergeant Rogers keeps in Court Square for the use of aged visitors and settled herself down for a long, relaxing rock. The sergeant promptly escorted her to the station house, where she was released with an admonition to behave herself in the future.

- WHAT LIBERAL MEDIA? The Washington Post wouldn't sell Newsweek to Newsmax because it's a conservative magazine, but it was fine and dandy to hand it over to the husband of a Democratic member of Congress.

- CAN WE HIRE SOME HELP ALREADY? Cracked's list of "Movie Plots Made Possible By Ridiculous Understaffing."

- SPEAKING OF STAFFING. Do Henchmen resent Minions? Or are they paid more for their special status? Are they happy to be higher on the totem pole and killed last by the super spy infiltrating the lair?

- GET YOUR GEEK ON. Fellow Trekkies, now you can create your own armada of Federation ships. Personally I was hoping for the dark mirror universe ships where I can rampage through the Alpha quadrant and blow up a ship or two for the fun of it.


Destiny said...

I STILL call it SHERBERT : ) My dad used to tell me when I was a kid that he loved me more than orange sherbert - he would sign all of my b/day cards, etc. like that. It's more fun to call it sherbert....kind of like a "chest of drawers" vs. "chester drawers"-the latter is more fun to say : )

Jeff said...

Heh, yeah, I was calling it "chester drawers" right up until marriage!

Jeff said...

And until I was in my pre-teens I used to think it was "Old Timer's Disease."