Sunday, August 01, 2010

Trailer Park - Summer Blockbusters - August

August is usually the home of the most craptastic of the big blow 'em up summer flicks, but this year there are some decent choices ...

The Other Guys - Looks hilarious, which to me is welcome in the age of the slacker gross-out comedy genre. (Aug. 6)

Step Up 3D - Gosh, I just happened to miss the first two, and I've got this thing to do with this thing, and I'm sorry I'm so busy ... (Aug. 6)

Middle Men - Based on the true story of one of the guys who pioneered internet commerce. A little too much focus on sleaze, but it looks like it could be interesting. (Aug. 6)

Eat Pray Love - I hear that theaters are offering, for men dragged to see this, special glasses that show baseball highlights, monster truck shows or the History Channel's "Best of the 1,000 Hitler episodes" special. (Aug. 13)

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World - This has been getting a lot of buzz among the hipster set, and I can see why. Could be awesome. (Aug. 13)

The Expendables - I'm sure it's terrible, but all these cool kick-butt action guys in the same flick? Gotta be entertaining at least, right? (Aug. 13)

Nanny McPhee Returns - Did the first one do that well that a sequel was demanded? (Aug. 20)

Piranha 3D - Trying to take the "Snakes on a Plane" late-summer slot, obviously. And it's probably just as dumb and fun. (Aug. 20)

The Switch - If you've seen one movie about a guy switching a sperm sample to impregnate his best friend (Jennifer Aniston!) you've seen them all, am I right? (Aug. 20)

Takers - Heist flick. You've seen it before. "Once in a lifetime job." Actors you see and go, "Wait, where's he been?" People die, money's grabbed. Just fine, probably, on cable in three years. (Aug. 27)

Going the Distance - Drew Barrymore and Justin Long in a rom-com about trying to navigate a long-distance relationship. Which is crazy, because those never work. *Cough*. (Aug. 27)

Centurion - Romans in Britain getting their butts kicked until a Latin set of "inglorious basterds" saves the day. Like the genre, so even if it's panned by critics I might find it okay as a rental. (Aug. 27)

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