Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Thanks, Grams!

When Mom came to visit, she bought Cooper a play table as a reward for being a big boy who can pull himself up! This is the first time I introduced it to him, so it takes a little bit but he eventually warms up to it, and now he goes right to it and just stands there playing for a long time.


Sara511 said...

I know those sounds all to well,lol. Maleah got that toy when she was a baby it's been both of there favorite's ever since. It's a great toy and I love that it grows with them. Maleah loves singing and counting with it, we are now working on the colors, and Joanna just loves the music.

Jeff said...

Hee. Yeah, my cousin's son has it, too, and Mom said that that woman's voice on it will be burned into our brains!

Sara511 said...

Oh yes, yes it will :) It's so funny to watch them standing at the table dancing though. It's a great entertainment for young and old.