Sunday, August 08, 2010

Sorry. Your Weekend Is Over.

- NO ME GUSTA! I'm all for some kind of illegal immigration reform, but can you ignore the Mexicans at my favorite restaurants? I really need my fajita quesadillas. I like-o my Mexican food-o!

- TODAY IN RACE RELATIONS: A minister in Indianapolis was holding an anti-violence rally with participation from the police, during which the Jeremiah Wright-wannabe minister staged a fight between two men just to test how the unwitting white officer would react. Predictably, the officer tried to break it up and was injured in the ensuing fracas.

- WASH ME. When I was 16, 17, 18, I would diligently wash and clean out my car, at least once a week. And I was driving a teeny tiny 1986 Chevy Nova, handed down from Mom when she got her a new Saturn (which I borrowed for prom). Nowadays I get mad when it rains when I'm at home and not at work, because that's the only time my car gets wet! As for cleaning? Oh dear. I haven't vacuumed it out since Val and I were dating, and that's only because I spilled water from a cooler all over the rear floor and it smelled like Sasquatch had died there in 101 degree heat.

- WHAT LIBERAL MEDIA? In what is the most fun and disturbing left-wing-loon conspiracy alert since Climategate, if you haven't heard about then read everything you can on Journolist, a vast left-wing conspiracy of liberal media and professors who have been gathering to plot strategy in favor of Democrats and against Republicans, in which "****ing NASCAR retards" is about the nicest thing said about conservatives.

- SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE. BUT DO I CARE? I miss Mary as a judge; Mia and Adam add little, so I usually listen to Nigel and then fast-forward. The contestants are dull, and with a top 11 instead of 20 there wasn't any room for us to develop favorites or dislikes, nor was there room for surprise us.

- AMERICA'S GOT TALENT. SORT OF. The week before was craptastic, so this week we ended up stacked with too many decent acts to advance, meaning my favorite, Doogie the dry comedian, didn't make it unless he's given a wild card later. Ya gotta feel for the black dance troupe and the black singing quartet, who probably thought, "I can't believe we're on stage with an effeminate white guy dressed like a clown as if he's Lady Gaga in 1700s Vienna and named himself 'Prince Poppycock' and he just advanced instead of us."

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