Friday, August 13, 2010

Pet peeves

- I hereby ban all meteorologists from using the phrase "break in the heat" unless the high dips into the mid-80s. Two months ago you were telling us to frreak out when it was 95 degrees every day. Just because it "dips" from 100 to 95 does not mean that it still isn't FREAKING HOT OUTSIDE.

- I also would like to ban any and all utterings of the drunken "Get in the hole!" yell during PGA tournaments on TV. Anyone who does that during a players' backswing should be shot on sight. Also, from here on out, anyone who complains about people who do that should be strung up beside them. It's a tired argument, I know.

- Congrats to Lauren for winning SO YOU THINK YOU CAN BE A SECOND BANANA, during a season in which no matter how well the competitors performed, they always looked like amateurs next to the all-stars, all of whom were better dancers and ended up being the ones we watched anyway.

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