Thursday, August 26, 2010

Overheard in the Valfrey Household

"Cooper, don't eat that wire."

"Watch your head, little man."

"Angel Baby, look at Mommy! Over here! No, over here!"

"Oops, sorry. I gave Cooper my phone and he must've hit speed dial."

"You want me to read this book for the 10th time in a row? Well, OK then."

"Please stop kicking Daddy in the crotch, buddy."

"Please stop grabbing your crotch, buddy."

"The octopus is pink!"

"The crab is red!"

"Tigger likes to bounce up and down. He's VERY bouncy." (He has a lot of talking toys and books.)

"Cooper, Duper, how'd you get so super?!"

"Baby, please stop licking the rug."

"I know we want him to go to sleep, but isn't he the cutest thing in the whole wide world when he's crawling over us to keep awake?"

"Holy cow that is a Poopcano!"

"Hon, could you come in here and hold all eight arms and legs so I change our boy's diaper?!"

"Wow, that poop smells like carrots."

"Hey Babe, can you smell Cooper's butt and see if he's dirty?"

"What color was his poop?" (Obviously we talk about poop a lot.)

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