Monday, August 02, 2010

One is the loneliest number

I only lost a little over a pound this week, but I'm not that disappointed. After all, this was a six-day week (last week I weighed in on Tuesday), and I was sloppy in my WW record-keeping, which isn't good when I eat Mexican twice (fajita quesadilla without cheese and fajitas) and we had a family get-together on Saturday where I couldn't resist but have a dollop of my Mom-in-Law's potato salad and one of her delicious cookies. That needs to be a goal, to keep track of points more consistently, starting with creating a master list of foods I enjoy and eat frequently. Starting with last night's big plate of spaghetti.

Starting weight (July 12, 2010) - 387
Last week (July 27) - 375
Current weight (Aug. 2) - 374
Total lost - 13
10% target - 349
Ultimate goal – 225


stacy said...

Wow it seems like you just announced your diet & you've already lost 13 pounds?? that's great!!

Jeff said...

Thanks! I need to be better about counting points, though. Tomorrow morning will tell the tale!