Friday, August 27, 2010

Happy Friday

- The Red Sox in third place in the AL East, explained:

The Sox are now 53-29 (.646) in the first two games of a series this season but are 20-26 (.435) in the third and fourth games. I have no idea what that means.

Also, remember the good old days, when left field was a staple in Sox lore? Ted Williams (1939-60 with some years missing due to war), Carl Yastrzemski (1961-83), and Jim Rice (1974-89) held the position for decades. Mike Greenwell (1985-96) and Manny Ramirez (2001-08) lasted quite a while, successfully, as well. Heck, even Troy O'Leary had a few solid seasons (1998-2000).

Now? Not so much. In 2010 there have been nine players in left field, and as a group they're hitting just .232. Owie. Count 'em: Jacoby Ellsbury, Jeremy Hermida, Daniel Nava, Bill Hall, Darnell McDonald, Ryan Kalish, Eric Patterson, Josh Reddick and Jonathan Van Every have all started or played some innings in left this season.


"Suspect in public sex complaint urinates on fingerprint machine at Hoboken police station"
Pretty much says it all, eh?

"Elizabeth Edwards: It Was Not Easy To Leave John"
Might want to get that checked by a gastro doctor.

"Driver fined $100 for having goat in trunk"
In some places it's $200 for NOT having a goat in the trunk.

"Chicken washer shares his secret at the Western Idaho Fair this week"
Some secrets should be taken to the grave.

"Women despair over men's toilet habits"
Men reply: Like they have room to talk. Why am I emptying the full little trash can when it's full of pantyliner wrappers?

- From the Media Talking Points Misinformation Files:

The guy who stabbed that Muslim cabbie and was immediately held up as an example of anti-Ground Zero mosque nuts? Pro-mosque volunteer for liberal community group.

Democrat representative's office was firebombed by crazy Tea Party loon? Nope. Angry staffer who hadn't gotten paid.

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