Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cooper's Growing Pains - Ours, I Mean

Cooper does his seal crawl around the house now and can follow us around. When I was eating at the table the other night, he found his way into the kitchen and then to me. Time to put up some gates? he pulls himself up easily in his crib, and though there isn't as much to grab onto on our couch, instead he tries to climb Mount Daddy when I'm sitting on the floor with him.
He's also started his "unintentionally inflicting pain" phase, including biting down and grinding with those eight surprisingly sharp teeth. Yesterday he put his mouth on my arm - which I'm used to since he just likes to lick things - but instead he bites down. Hard. There are six adorable and painful teeth marks embedded in my arm in a tiny little circle still this morning.
Our little torturer - when he's not kicking his feet so hard in excitement while you read him a story that it leaves your legs black and blue - also likes to reach his hand down people's shirts. Which is great if you're a female and you don't mind exposing some cleavage. But with me he also likes to grab my chest hair and take a pull, which is also not altogether pleasant. (Not so much for women with chest hair, either, I reckon.) Block him from that? He'll reach around your neck and grab that hair.
For Cooper? High comedy. And of course you can't be mad at him, not when you look at that cute face! He just looks at you, and you think, "Well, OK, you can drive that mallet into Daddy's kneecaps if it makes you happy."


Sara511 said...

I know all too well what your saying. Joanna does ALL of those things too, but recently she's add hair pulling to the list. That's a new level of pain and at times whiplash. Poor Maleah gets the brunt of that one.

Jeff said...

Heh. I know, I feel sorry for my in-laws' dogs this weekend when Cooper discovers fur!

Sara511 said...

As long as he doesn't try eating like Joanna did with our cat. That was a messy sight,lol. She took a large handful of cat fur and tried to eat it but soon found she didn't like the texture. I spent several minutes trying to defuzz her tongue.