Thursday, July 15, 2010

This time's for real!

Should be a fun week. Today and tomorrow I get to come to work, and while prepping for my shows at 4 a.m. turn on The British Open live from St. Andrews and try not to annoy my co-workers with constant reminders that I was there with Dad back in 2000.

At night, with the second half of the MLB season underway, the Extra Innings package is free for a week, so I get to watch Red Sox games. Bonus!

Unfortunately, I will not be plopping on the couch with a plate of nachos in one hand and a plate of wings in the other. Can watching sporting events while eating healthy foods still be as fun? We'll find out, because the Jeffmeister is on a diet again.

I know, it seems like every 12 months or less I write this blog. I could probably just copy and paste the last one. But it probably has mustard stains from my Krystal burgers on it.

Val and I planned on eating better after vacation already, but when we returned and I saw pictures of me at the lake, that was it. Ye gads. I've even gotten too big for me to make the "yeah, I'm big but at least I'm 6'4 and distribute the weight better" excuse for me to buy it. My whole body is a jiggly, wobbly mess.

And thus, on Monday I started again on Weight Watchers, counting points and buying nothing at the store that I will regret later. If I was smart I would join the meetings or the website, because I’ll believe most anything Weight Watchers leader says, so long as in two years I’ll be sitting shirtless on the beach with family and friends, laughing about the "old days when I was Fatty McManboobs."

I think what's most important is that I'm there for Val and Cooper, that I'm able to play with my boy and not get tired after five minutes, and go on roller coasters with him without getting refused for being too fat to fit. I want him to always know me as healthy and fit. That's my motivation. Hopefully it's enough.

Starting weight (July 12, 2010) - 387
10% target - 349
Ultimate goal – 225


Scott Rushing said...

Good timing! When we stay with you guys later this month, you can encourage us to eat healthy too!

(But I still want a Corky's sandwich.)

erin said...

Go, Jeff! It's great to be motivated to make sure you'll be around for a long time for Valerie and Cooper. Just make sure you're doing it for YOU, too!

Rann said...

Good luck, son. Cooper will appreciate this some day.