Friday, July 02, 2010

This just in

- IT'S ON! It's like a big yummy 80s ice cream sundae just exploded all over the place: Debbie Gibson and Tiffany will star together in a Syfy channel movie next year:
Exclu: Syfy has cast 1980s pop-star rivals Debbie Gibson and Tiffany in one of the network’s signature Saturday night original movies.

Yes, they will fight.

The network promises an epic battle between the former teen pop idols, who will star in “Mega Python vs. Gatoroid.”

Gibson will play a fanatical animal-rights activist who frees illegally imported exotic snakes from pet stores, sending them into the Everglades, where they grow to mega sizes. Tiffany will play an overzealous park ranger who uses dangerous methods to save endangered alligators.

In the script, the pair brawl at a party, then take matters outside into the swamp.

Both singers previously have been cast in Syfy originals but never have appeared together.

Executive vp programming and original movies Thomas Vitale said the idea was hatched by Syfy’s creative team after Tiffany visited their office and said she always has wanted to work with Gibson; the media often portrayed the duo as rivals during their MTV years.

“They loved the idea of taking this perceived rivalry and having some fun with it,” Vitale said. "The catfight on 'Dynasty' was a seminal TV moment and it's time to re-create that for a new generation."

“Gatoroid” is produced by the Asylum. Mary Lambert (“Pet Sematary”) will direct, marking the first time a woman has helmed a Syfy creature feature. Naomi Selfman (“Evil Eyes”) will pen the script. The project will begin shooting this month and air next year.

"I know that pop culture fanatics have been dying for Tiffany and me to collaborate for the past 24 years!" said Gibson in a statement. "What better way to do it than by battling each other in a campy romp through the Everglades?”

"Only in my dreams have I been able to have a catfight with Debbie Gibson...until now!" Tiffany said. "This is soo MEGA cool!"

- HEADLINES: "BP’s Urkel Robot Causes Mayhem at Leak Site"
BP asks, "Did I do that?"

"Trash truck driver put on different route"
Breaking News: City hall janitor still has to work the night shift.

Senate Won't Ban "Sippy Cups"
Good thing, because next they'd be coming for our kids' divided plates that keep food from touching.

"Montana to change name to Brancott Estate"
Tennessee considers name change to Dollywood.

- HANG 'EM HIGH. Memphis Memories from June 24, 1885:
Tickets to the hanging of the murderer in the jailyard here this week were issued yesterday by Sheriff Cannon to those whom the law allows him to admit to the affair. Naturally, hundreds of others who hoped to attend were disappointed. The affair at least will be exclusive, if not fashionable, and if the sheriff had been allowed to sell reserved seats he could have made a barrel of money.

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