Thursday, July 01, 2010

Spankings a school solution?

The Memphis school board will discuss whether they need to whup dat butt in schools to re-institute some discipline.

It was allowed until about five years ago, as I can attest. I was spanked once during my days in Memphis City Schools, fourth grade at Scenic Hills Elementary. The funny thing is, all I remember is that I was spanked for being my normal loud class clown self, full of hijinks and tomfoolery.

All throughout elementary I had the Rushing Voice, a booming voice that can be heard from the opposite side of the room even if every other kid is yelling. In my family of four kids it was necessary in order to be heard. So when Mrs. Hutchins pulled me out, and brought along Mrs. Quinn to witness, it seemed that I was being punished for being me. (Particularly embarrassing was that Mrs. Quinn was the mother to my "first love," Micah.)

Of course, I admit that I was probably being loud and rambunctious. And even though I was in tears and had to apologize for disrupting the class when I returned, I don't remember it making any difference.

So no, I don't particularly think that corporal punishment would make a difference. Besides, kids in city schools nowadays are far too hardened for it, and would probably laugh it off.


Karen said...

LOL Jeff, that is too funny. I went to church with the Quinn's, and Micah is one of my best childhood friends.

Jeff said...

No kidding?! Small world!