Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Jake vs. Vienna: It's On!

If you know me and Val at all and our TV and pop culture addictions, then of COURSE you predicted correctly that last night we would watch the Jake-Vienna smackdown during the last half-hour of Monday's "Bachelorette." How could we resist the implosion of our least favorite reality show couple of all time?
All in all, we still feel both are shallow famewhores who should never be heard from again. And yet, during the interview/battle royale, we couldn't help but side with Vienna a teensy little bit. Why? Because Jake was that much of a D-bag. Really, he was almost monumental in A-holery.
Everything she provided as an example of his bad attitude, he did during the interview, include blowing his stack and telling her to "respect" him by shutting up. Yeah, she interrupted him a lot, but dude, she's a gal, you're a guy, that's reality.
What were Jake's big examples of being "undermined" in a relationship going downhill fast? She double-checked his sense of direction and his measurements for bedroom furniture. That's not "undermining," it's called a "relationship." Every stereotype than every comedian has employed about marriage, these two act as if they've discovered as if they're living in a cave a million years ago. Clearly these two have never been a couple. Heck, even the Neanderthal men knew to shrug it off when their women nagged that the mastodon meat didn't taste as good as it used to.
I was even disappointed in our boy, Chris "this is the final rose" Harrison, hosting the fracas. Based on his questioning of Vienna and the way he chummed with Jake at the end once she had cried and left, Harrison sounded like he was buddy-buddy with Jake: "Sheesh, women, huh? I mean, all the talking and crying and, come on, when was the last time she ironed your shirt?" Of course, he's probably mandated by ABC to side with The Bachelor first, lest the network admit that it hired a major D-bag to be their knight in smirking armor.
Now they can both shuffle away forever, please, and never be heard from again.


HK said...

Yeah, it was pretty awesome television. I can't believe they even agreed to do it!! Where do I begin?? I think Vienna is (and always was) a spoiled little girl. Of course on the show, she was wined and dined and fawned over, but then the "reality" ended and the reality began. Really, Vienna? He wouldn't fly your dog to LA? He didn't come running to your side when your DOG was in the hospital? That is your problem? Really?

It made her mad too that she thought she would be the wife of an aviator (has Jake never seen Officer and a Gentleman?) When he changed to this acting bug, that didn't sit well with her. She realized she would have to share him with the world (or the 25 people who actually watch Drop Dead Diva) instead of letting him work and take care of her.

Yes, I do think that Jake has a temper (and lots of other issues) and I do think he was looking for a person who would just worship him and say "yes, sir" all the time and apparently, listen to his every word as the gospel truth. Vienna might have been that if he had spoiled her more like her daddy did. But, he expected her to work and have her own life! Oh, the horror!

I actually thought that Chris was a little too lenient with Vienna's interruptions and didn't let Jake have his say. I kept thinking why isn't Chris putting more of a lid on her and letting Jake speak. I guess that is why he buddy-ed up with Jake at the end.

Bottom line is both of these people are horrible in relationships apparently. I think they both are at fault. I was sort of thinking that Jake would break up with Vienna and come back on the "After the Final Rose" for Ali and he might, but if she was watching last night, she should thank her lucky stars that she got out of there when she did.

Are yall watching the Bachelorette? This is the best group of guys I think I have ever seen on there. Or else, maybe my standards are dropping...

Jeff said...

So, Heather, got any strong opinions on the subject, lol?

We're not watching "The Bachelorette" this season. We don't really care for Ali, for one, which is a big part of the show, naturally. And whereas the women on "The Bachelor" are always a little crazy and desperate, the guys on these shows are usually pretty boy jerks that I figure I would despise in real life.

HK said...

I don't have a blog so I have to hijack yours. :)