Monday, July 19, 2010

A few things to talk about

First, a survey: Are you supposed to tip the guy who sells the Sunday paper on the street?
Next, an update on our mini Cooper, who now has six teeth and "can" crawl, but seems to prefer not to, since he's so quick to roll around the floor and use his feet to bounce off the couch or entertainment center to get where he wants to go, which usually means off the big pallet of blankets we've made and around the tile under the piano or near the fireplace.
Since it's a trillion degrees outside (heat index pending), Val likes to take him to the nursery to play and read, part of our new initiative to turn the TV off as much as we can.  
Cooper's always been fun, but he's really developing his silly side and asking to play now. He's laughing and making faces all the time, and loves to play horsey on my knee. I think he's starting to like the "rough play," since not only does he love it when I'm spinning him on the floor or flipping him upside down, during baths he gets a kick out of us spurting water on his face.
Finally, tracking my "food lifestyle" ...
Not a bad week to start the diet. Lost eight pounds, and vow never to cross the 380 threshold ever again. Only about 15 of those thresholds to go, eh?
It's certainly not easy to keep track of Weight Watchers points based on our eating habits. There is a lot of guesstimation. Last night Val made chicken tenderloins that were dipped in bread crumbs. How the heck am I supposed to figure out how many cups of the bread ended up on the chicken that I ate? When we make a big pot of soup or spaghetti, I have to put it all in bowls or on plates to figure out how to divide the entire meal into edible portions. For example, if Val's Santa Fe soup is 35 points, and it goes equally into seven bowls, then one bowl is 5 points. Of course, then it's all out of the crock pot and there are seven bowls to clean, but it's only the one time I have to do the counting, and worth it in the end.
Eating out is another tricky option. We ate at Chili's for dinner Saturday, and I stuck with the chicken fajitas and rice. Using the website Dottie's Weight Loss Zone, she already has many restaurant dishes listed with points, so you can look ahead of time to make sure you don't go overboard on, say, an awesome blossom that will cost you 1 1/2 days worth of points for the whole thing. 

Starting weight (July 12, 2010) - 387
Current weight (July 19) - 379
Total lost - 8
First 10% target - 349
Ultimate goal – 225


Anonymous said...

First of all: congratulations on such a successful first week of WW! That's great news. Second: yes, you should tip the Sunday paper guy. I just think of how boring and miserable it must be for them - esp. during the summer. And hey, they're *working*. I'll reward that any day. Keep up the good work!


erin said...

Hooray for the weight loss! That's great. And yeah, sometimes all you can do is estimate and just assume things are a little higher than what you think, just to be on the safe side.

Jeff said...

Okay, okay, next time I'll tip them, I promise!

Thanks for the weight encouragement! I hope I can get as skinny as you guys someday! :)