Sunday, July 04, 2010

Cooper telling us stories

We've been at Chickasaw State Park near Henderson since last Sunday, returning this morning. We had a great time, and I'll have a little bit to write about this week, with plenty of pictures.

For a taste, not only did he learn to sit up on his own, our mini Cooper really started "talking" while we were at Chickasaw this week!


Scott Rushing said...


Dasani? We're in the South. Where is my sweet tea?

Jeff said...

Cooper likes to drink water from a straw at dinner, and his grandparents gave him a taste of their tea, so I'm sure he'll start craving it in his sippy cup real soon!

Destiny said...

I LOVE this video!!! He's an absolute doll! Hopefully I'll get to know him much better when we move back to TN! Bailey sure did think he was cute too : )