Wednesday, June 23, 2010

We're not biased, you're just a bunch of hicks


Here's how the L.A. Times led off their story about the runoffs for Republican primaries in South Carolina this week:
South Carolina Republicans buck biases in runoff election

"COLUMBIA, S.C. — In a break from the state's racist legacy, South Carolina Republicans overwhelmingly chose Nikki Haley, an Indian American woman, to run for governor and convincingly nominated Tim Scott, who could become the former Confederate stronghold's first black GOP congressman in more than a century."
Meanwhile, CBS has moved their headquarters to Denial Land:
Katie Couric opened Monday's CBS Evening News by touting how "in a CBS News/New York Times poll out tonight, 43 percent of Americans approve of President Obama's handling of the spill. Only 13 percent approve of BP's efforts." She offered no further details, such as how 47 percent disapprove of Obama's performance, and only those checking would realize the selectivity in the assessment of Obama she chose to highlight.

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