Monday, June 21, 2010

A non-story in the news

The national media, liberal bloggers and the gay and lesbian community have decided to make an example of my former church, Bellevue Baptist, here in Memphis, for not allowing a softball team with a lesbian coach to play in their league.

For those of us who are Southern Baptist, or conservative in our Christian views at all, would largely say, "Duh."

Do you think that the church would allow a homosexual to be a deacon? A Sunday School teacher? Any sort of leadership role at all? Of course not. So why would they sanction a lesbian coach?

Instead, Bellevue is going to take the heat on this one as the "intolerant," "unloving" church that wants to "shut out those it disagrees with."

If she walked into the church on any given Sunday morning she would be welcomed with open arms and ushered to a front row seat to hear the Word. I think that if she was just a player and not a coach, this wouldn't have been a factor, either. It's just one more way for the Left to attack Christian morality and try to tilt the popular culture against us even more.

And this is coming from a guy who isn't entirely opposed to gay marriage in some form. I've known many, been friends (I know, I know, it's so cliche), and I would never want to keep them from being happy. But I also know what my church teaches and follows, and it's not the place to make your political stand.

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