Tuesday, June 22, 2010

He makes me seasick

The best reaction I could come up with to this story comes from one of the online commenters: "I want to punch that guy in the face":
Reid Stowe isn't seasick after returning from 1,152 days on the ocean - he's lovesick.

"This was all accomplished through the power of love," Stowe, 58, said Thursday after stepping off of his 70-ft schooner "Anne" at Manhattan's Pier 81.

"Every time it got hard, every time I got afraid, every time I needed strength I just called on love. And I got strength to go on."

Stowe calls his epic trip, which broke the record for the longest non-stop sea trip in history, the "Love Voyage," and it was - in more ways than one.

When Stowe stepped ashore, he kissed his 26-year-old girlfriend Soanya Ahmad on the cheek and first met Darshen, the nearly 2-year-old son that they conceived at sea.

Ahmad set sail with Stowe on April 21, 2007, but left after 306 days because she was battling nausea. It turned out to be morning sickness.

"He's a little shy to meet a big guy like me," a very sunburnt Stowe said about little Darshen, who spent much of the reunion asleep in his mom's arms. The three will now live together aboard the "Anne."

"It's just so overwhelming," said Ahmad. "It's going to be a new experience for all of us."

The voyage's most difficult moment was deciding that Ahmad would abandon ship, Stowe said. Even so, he decided to stay on course and miss the birth of his son.
What a tool. He's the Anti-Father's Day. Check your ego at the door, go home, see your son born and don't worry about setting a stupid record.

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