Friday, June 25, 2010

A Cooper Duper Update

Today is the three year anniversary of Mom-Mom's passing, which leaves me saddened that she'll never get to meet my son, her great-grandson, and that he'll never know his Mom-Mom.

In other Cooper news as we approach the eight month mark ...

- Me and Val already over pack for trips as it is. I can only imagine that when we leave for our upcoming weeklong annual Chickasaw State Park vacation that we will have so much stuff loaded in and on my car that it will look like we're driving cross-country with the Beverly Hillbillies. ("There's diapers on them thar hills!")

It will be our first big vacation with Cooper. Eek. While I've been very much looking forward to having a week off, I'm worried that it's going to be more difficult than we think. For one, there will be at least a half-dozen people in the cabin any given night, so will he sleep okay in his pack-and-play while we're up until after midnight playing poker? Will he sleep okay with us in the room, coming and going to the bathroom and such, instead of alone in his nursery? We won't have a dishwasher, so that's a lot of bottles and bowls and spoons to wash by hand. So I'm worried that this will be more stressful than we'd like.

Plus, there will be Val's cousins with their infants and toddlers, and I wish I could hold a meeting on day one to declare a moratorium on comparing our kids to the point that it sounds like we're all competing instead of being supportive and sharing stories.

Of course, the first time we take him down to the lake with is cute little swim trunks and put him in his little floatie, and when he plays with his little cousins and we take pictures that are just adorable, all will be forgotten and The Cuteness will take over.

- I'm not comfortable with the term "cutting teeth." For one, I'd never even heard the phrase until Cooper was teething at four months old. It also sounds painful. Can't we just say "growing teeth?"

- I know the popular saying is "If you wait until you can afford kids then you never will," but holy cow, you don't even realize the costs until it happens. I don't think we're atypical at all. We're "We have one middle-class job, an eight-month-old and a mortgage" kind of broke. But when the experts say that it costs $200,000 to raise a kid until the age of 18, I at least expected it to average out per year, not front-loaded with the first $150,000 in the first year.

- Every day I think of something that I'm looking forward to, such as having Cooper cuddle up to us on the couch to watch an animated movie we've seen a thousand times but toss in the DVD player "one" more time, or playing with Cooper at the table, full of games and Legos, or kicking the soccer ball out back ... Gonna have a lot of fun with my little buddy!

- I'm betting that Val and I enjoy watching Nick Jr. a lot more than Cooper does, although he seems to like to focus on Moose during the between-shows segments. I have to wonder about these Nick Jr. shows, though. On "Max and Ruby," Ruby's always bossing around Max. And Olivia's too goody-goody to the point of being annoying.

- We're still working with Cooper's eczema. Val slathers him with creams and hydrocortisone whenever a rough patch emerges, and we are using dye-free detergent and dryer sheets to prevent anything rubbing off our clothes. The good thing is, the cradle cap on top of his head seems to be gone so he's not constantly scratching or rubbing the top of his head on everything.

- Cooper's still not crawling, and he's not inclined to care much that he's not crawling. He manages to make his way from one side of the living room to the other just fine, and if he needs to reposition himself he uses his strong legs to push off the couch, chair or entertainment center. He's also managed to learn to backward crawl, at least. We're not in a hurry to get him crawling and walking, frankly, because that means we have to hurry up and get the safety stuff put up, and lower the crib, and all the things that deal with freaking out about a baby roaming underfoot and unseen.

- It's very reassuring that he's sleeping all night now. At least, until 6 a.m. Hey, the sun is up, he's ready to play! Which is why we're going to invest in some dark curtains to go under the current ones. Maybe he can last until 7 and give Val an extra hour. Or is that cheating? I believe it was Ralph Waldo Emerson who said, "There was a never a child so lovely but his mother was glad to get him to sleep."


HK said...

Get a box fan and put it in the room with him and it will cut out the noise from the other room. We did it on our vacation with the kids and they slept fine and never heard us yucking it up in the other room.

Valerie said...

Oh, we'll have two fans, his white noise machine and his humidifier. So we'll see.

The cabins aren't big, which means the rooms are right off the dining and living rooms. So when the everyone is laughing, playing has potential to wake Coop up. (it can get crazy)

I'm more worried about him stirring when we come in and out though.

It will be fun and an experience!

Jeff said...

Heather, if we can fit the engine from a Cessna in the room, we will do that, too!

Destiny said...

I will bring you the cream that finally worked on Bailey's eczema! We tried everything and this stuff WORKS's prescription, but if it works on your little man, maybe you can get some from his doc! Can't wait to see ya'll! By the way...Max and Ruby are Bailey's "imaginary friends" hahaha!

Jeff said...

Cool beans. We'll try anything!

Robyn Trowbridge said...

Don't worry about the crawling. My little cousin was born a few days after Cooper and she JUST started crawling. And you what they say, just do things before boys. He'll get there .... when he's ready!

Jeff said...

No matter when he does, we still won't be ready! For a year now I've been saying, "I really should get into shape in order to keep up with him," but have I? Of course not.