Monday, June 21, 2010

And I think libs who insist on calling it "futbol" are pandering elitist a-holes

This guy thinks that conservatives who don't like soccer are racists. So I guess I'm off the hook. This time! (Dun-dun-DUN!)

Ah, yes, those cosmopolitan Europeans and their multiculturally kumbaya world. Here's what the USA Today had to say during the 2006 coverage in Germany:
Despite the new look, the stadium might have a hard time escaping its history as a symbol of racial intolerance. Seventy years after what became known as the Nazi Olympics, increasingly menacing racism within Europe is a major story line for this edition of soccer's quadrennial showcase.

In Germany and several other European nations, crowds shower minority players with racial insults at times. Several of the U.S. team's African-American players who compete professionally in European leagues say they have been targets of discrimination and verbal and even physical abuse because of their race — on and off the field. There are concerns about how racial incidents might affect the World Cup in Germany, where the 32-team tournament begins June 9 and will be held in 12 cities.

An anti-racism group in Germany is so concerned that it has warned non-white World Cup visitors to avoid rural towns and villages outside Berlin, in the formerly communist eastern part of the country.
The best stories from the World Cup in 2010 come from the North Korean team. First, it turns out that the bouncy happy North Korean fans are actually Chinese actors hired to be supportive "North Koreans," since the Dear Leader would never allow a random citizen to leave the country.

Second, did you know that Kimb Jong-Il is coaching the team via an invisible phone that the coach keeps on the bench? Please, don't give President Kick-Ass any ideas.

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