Wednesday, October 21, 2009

She'll go cry into her multiple gold medals

Last night on DANCING WITH THE STARS, the judges were not happy that Aaron/Karina and Natalie/Alec were in the bottom two of the voting. Len mad! Len smash! Grrrrr!!!!!!!!
I was surprised based solely on past scoring, but Val, not so much. Apparently the reality show forums she likes to peruse picked it because Aaron is whiny and they agreed with me that Natalie and Alec were so dull that no one cared anymore.
And so, in what has to be the earliest exit for an Olympic champion, Natalie is gone. Too bad. I'd much rather that Aaron's giant throbbing forehead vein got his exit dance, even if in their last dance, Natalie and Alec still weren't talking and looked vacant.

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