Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sox own Angels

I get to work at 3:50, hoping that I'll get to see the end of the Red Sox game and their walk-off comeback win over the Angels, but ESPN is replaying the Rockies-Giants game? Really? Didn't it just end like two hours ago? Sheesh. But hey, great win by the Boston guys, even if they almost blew it (twice), and I'm okay that Val got to tell me when she came to bed at 11 and I'd already been asleep for awhile. The Sox are now 6 1/2 up on the Rangers for the wild card, a virtual lock with two weeks remaining. Meaning that we'll get play the shell-shocked Angels again in the ALDS, which is always fun considering we've beaten them three times since 2004 already in the ALDS.
The end of AMERICA BE HAVING TALENT was a little disappointing. We were hoping the Recycled Percussion guys would win, but they ended up third. And then when it came down to Barbara the opera singer and Kevin the chicken farmer, we figured Barbara would win easily. Nope. Like Kris Allen's boost from ten votes per Arkansan in IDOL, the entire state of Kentucky must have come through for the chicken farmer, who is a great story even if Monday's performance was weak.
Anyone else notice that in the finale of AMERICA's Got Talent we had two British acts (Leona Lewis & Susan Boyle, who was fantastic), but also Shakira, not to mention that two out of three judges are British? Will Kevin the Chicken Farmer sing for the Brits next year? 

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