Friday, September 18, 2009

Some win, some lose, some need a Yorkie, and a top 5

- We tried the new SURVIVOR, and quit it in the first hour. Life's too short to watch lying manipulative creeps like that Russell dude who's a millionaire but claims to be a poor dude from New Orleans, smirking about how he will win by lying to everyone. Yes, surely it would be fun to watch him get kicked off eventually, but in the meantime we just didn't care.

- We did, however, find a new comedy to watch, the overly-promoted COMMUNITY starring Joel McHale of "The Soup." It's kooky, but honest and funny, and when the Arab dude starts quoting Judd Nelson from "The Breakfast Club" during the study group, I bought in for the rest of the season.

- We got three calls yesterday from people looking for a Yorkie for sale. Turns out, someone in Hernando posted our home number on Craigslist. Should we have found a few on the street and sold them to all three? Eventually I left a message at the other listed number to rectify the situation, and by the end of the night the listing had changed.

- Val's heading to Nashville for her friend Michele's bridal weekend with the Jackson Gang, so Jeffy has the house to himself. Not to worry, my Honey-Do List is pretty extensive, so I have plenty to do in between chowing down on pizza and wings with football games on in the background. Will one of those games be the Florida-UT game? Not for long. The Gators will lay the smack down on the Kiffins by, what, at least 40 points, right?

- Speaking of being home alone, here's a top 5, Shows I Watch When Val's Not Around, and no, this is not a category dominated by Cinemax After Dark:

1. "Red Eye," Fox News - Topical, hilarious, goofy, and a little stupid, but who knew news could be a little bit fun?

2. "Ax Men"/"Ice Road Truckers," The History Channel - "Real men" can be petty and whiny, too, and yet they're still risking their lives for the big bucks.

3. "The Universe," The History Channel - I'm an astronomy junkie, and when the History Channel isn't focusing on fake monsters or celebrating the end of humanity, they have this scientific yet understandable gem.

4. "Over Your Head" - An HGTV home repair show, but like "Red Eye," it's the goofy side of home fixups.  

5. The Weather Channel - Okay, not a show, but I could watch this network 24 hours a day and it never gets old. It's perfect background noise when you're reading or cleaning.


Valtool said...

I had not planned to watch Survivor, didn't even know it was coming on, but as I was home with LynnMarie I gave it a shot. I actually thought Russell was pretty amusing, though I was curious why they decided they wanted to gang up on the one young blond girl. Was it simply because she has big boobs?

Jeff said...

I'm guessing he'll be eliminating the "dumb broads" one by one, so get ready for a sausage fest by week 10!