Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mix and match

- It's official: Val is now a stay-at-home mommy-to-be. Friday afternoon her co-workers didn't line up against the wall for a slow clap as she left, but I'm sure they'll miss her greatly anyway.

- Sunday was my first as a free man from work, so what to do but watch the NFL all day long with DirecTV's free Sunday Ticket trial? Oh, wait, I have responsibilities. I've been putting off re-painting the Brown Room to make it into The Nursery for too long, so I spent many, many hours painting every nook and cranny, two coats, two different colors: Thoughtful Spot (blue) for the top two-thirds, Pooh Bear yellow for the bottom third.

And no, I did not reproduce just so I could expand the amount of things in the house that are Winnie the Pooh related. You'll notice that I did not paint the room the color of Eeyore. Besides, that's the color of our master bedroom, which was the main color of our wedding).

Still not finished, either. I have to touch up the yellow and paint a green stripe in between until we can get some border.

- If I was a popular singer, I would release a box set of nothing but positive songs about cities. That way, my songs would be played at every parade, fireworks show and town fair.

- Last week on the way to Jackson we spotted the cutest Tennessee Highway Patrol car at the weigh station. It had the official paint job on one of the newer VW Beetles. I didn't have time to take a picture, but I looked it up and apparently it's one of its kind to promote anti-litter programs. So cute!

- Last week's fortune cookie: "Your success will astonish everyone."

Well, that's just insulting. Why should everyone be astonished that I succeed? C'mon, cookie, why the lowered expectations? Am I right!?

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