Wednesday, September 30, 2009


While we were sleeping, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim of California of the U.S. of North America did the Red Sox' bidding and smacked down Texas to give Boston the wild card.
Which is good, because the Sox weren't in a hurry to do so themselves, getting swept by the Dang Yanks this past weekend at The House A-Rod's Steroid Supplier Built, and then two more to Toronto back home.
And yet, I remain free of worry.
Which is a lie. Because every time I turn on Baseball Tonight, the Dang Yanks are celebrating another walk-off win and bouncing up and down like the '04 Sox, while the Sox would be asleep every night if not for Victor Martinez (a.k.a V-Mart from now on), who is awesome times ten.
By the way, Boston leads the majors with seven wild card berths, which seems like an ignominious record, because it means that we could beat the Dang Yanks seven times to win the division. It's also the sixth playoff trip in the past seven years, so at least I've been able to stay interested into October, which is more than most fans can say about their teams. (Seriously, do Pirates and Royals fans even pay attention after May?)


Valtool said...

The Phillies won their third consecutive NL East title with little fanfare this week. With the way they have been losing to teams like MIL and HOU, they had better get the losses out of their system by Sunday. And can we get a restraining order on Brad Lidge, not allowed within 50 yards of a pitcher's mound?

Jeff said...

I don't imagine that Brad Lidge will be brought in any game that involves the Phillies within 7 runs, no matter if they're winning or losing.